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• Use 95 Percent Of The World's Available Waste Heat For Fuel Source

• No Gearbox Needed   |   3600 RPM (higher speed options)

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• TriboElectric Electrostatic Precipitation Oil Recovery System (CO2 Systems)

• TriboElectric Power Generation System - No Moving Parts

• Direct Drive Induction or Synchronous AC Generator - 50 hz / 60 hz

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• Caster Beam Modular Frame Technology

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Infinity Turbine   

Introducing the Radial Outflow Turbine Generator - Organic Rankine Cycle - ORC Turbine 

The radial outflow turbine designed and produced by Infinity Turbine is for making power from waste heat. The ROT (radial outflow turbine) operates on a single rotor with multiple stages to direct drive a 50/60 hz AC generator, no gearbox required, and is optimal for Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) applications. Our system makes electricity from heated liquid 80 C to 110 C heat from solar, hot geothermal, engine, data centers, cloud server cooling, compressor and industrial waste heat. We can use low grade 30-65 C heat using CO2.

IT50 ORC R245fa AC Turbine Generator

Infinity Turbine 2016 ROT IT50

2016 IT50 R245fa ORC Turbine AC Generator System

IT50 Infinity Turbine Waste Heat to Energy Power Generation Unit

2016 IT50 R245fa ORC Turbine AC Generator System

ROT - Radial Outflow Turbine