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• Producing The World's Smallest ORC Turbine | Search Publications

• Use 95 Percent Of The World's Available Waste Heat For Fuel Source

• No Gearbox Needed   |   3600 RPM (higher speed options)

• Made in the USA  

• TriboElectric Electrostatic Precipitation Oil Recovery System (CO2 Systems)

• TriboElectric Power Generation System - No Moving Parts

• Direct Drive Induction or Synchronous AC Generator - 50 hz / 60 hz

• See videos of our technology at: vimeo.com/infinityturbine

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Infinity Turbine   

Introducing the Radial Outflow Turbine Generator - Organic Rankine Cycle - ORC Turbine 

The radial outflow turbine designed and produced by Infinity Turbine is for making power from waste heat. The ROT (radial outflow turbine) operates on a single rotor with multiple stages to direct drive a 50/60 hz AC generator, no gearbox required, and is optimal for Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) applications. Our system makes electricity from heated liquid 80 C to 110 C heat from solar, hot geothermal, engine, data centers, cloud server cooling, compressor and industrial waste heat. We can use low grade 30-65 C heat using CO2.

IT50 ORC R245fa AC Turbine Generator

Infinity Turbine 2016 ROT IT50

2016 IT50 R245fa ORC Turbine AC Generator System

IT50 R245fa ORC Turbine AC Generator System