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Introducing the Radial Outflow Turbine Generator - Organic Rankine Cycle - ORC Turbine

The radial outflow turbine designed and produced by Infinity Turbine is for making power from waste heat. The ROT (radial outflow turbine) operates on a single rotor with multiple stages to direct drive a 50/60 hz AC generator, no gearbox required, and is optimal for Organic Rankine Cycle applications. Our system makes electricity from heated liquid 80 C to 120 C heat from solar, hot geothermal, engine, compressor and industrial waste heat.







Infinity Turbine is pleased to announce that it produces the world's smallest ROT turbine and can build up to 3 MW in size.

Our ROT turbines are made in the USA at our shop in the Pacific Northwest. Our turbine shop has a Waterjet Machining Center and High Speed Vertical Milling CNC Machine, which allows us to build any size turbine from 5 inches diameter to 24 inches in diameter, which covers the range from 2 kW to 3 MW in output power.

Low RPM = No Gearbox Needed

The advantage of a ROT turbine is that it is a lower RPM turbine, which allows a direct drive to a standard 1,800 or 3,600 RPM generator. It also allows the use of either 50 hz or 60 hz DC or AC. Pressurized flow enters from the front of the turbine, and is expanded outwards to the perimeter of the turbine through several stages. Inlet flow is first directed by stators (stationary foils) into the first stage on the rotor, then through another set of stators to another stage on the rotor. The expanded gas exits on the perimeter of the rotor, and finally exits out the back of the turbine.

Because the lower RPM allows a direct drive generator, it eliminates the need for a gearbox which is typical on high speed turbines. The gearbox is added cost, and has to be rebuilt every 3-5 years.

Lower RPM also allows the use of slower speed shaft bearings, which increases the longevity of the the machine operation, and less frequent maintenance intervals.

Low RPM Turbines and Small ORC Systems Can Capture 95 Percent of World's Waste Heat

The prevailing large turbine generator wisdom right now in the commercial market is for high-speed, complex turbines that drive a high speed generator, which requires expensive switchgear and grid-tie equipment. Our philosophy at Infinity Turbine is to keep the technology as advanced and simple as possible, using as much off-the-shelf components as possible to keep costs within a reasonable payback period of 3 years or less. This cost effective approach will allow more utilization of low grade waste heat, under the 500 kW system size, which we estimate is 95 percent of the worlds available waste heat (that is accessible and available for use).

Very few equipment manufacturers are in this smaller (sub-500 kW) market, because they cannot cost effectively manufacture the equipment, since most of it is custom built using expensive components. Infinity Turbine seeks to challenge this conventional market strategy, and produce a system that is affordable in terms of a short payback period in electrical production cost savings, from using a low grade temperature waste heat source.