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• Producing The World's Smallest Supercritical CO2 Rankine Cycle Demonstrator

• Use 95 Percent Of The World's Available Waste Heat For Fuel Source

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• Developed Systems: IT10  • IT50  •  IT100  •  IT250

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ORC Organic Rankine Cycle Publications


Supercritical CO2 Turbine Publications


US Gov Original Scanned to PDF Publications


Caster Beam List PDF Publications


Publications for Sale:


Infinity Turbine LLC has purchased archived ORC publications regarding United States Government published research and development.  Those publications have been scanned into .pdf format and are now available for purchase. They provide a valuable resource when researching, installing, operating, owning, and developing organic Rankine cycle machines. Some older documents do not have the text option, and will only display the image of the page. The page quality may be low, if scanned from older .pdf documents.  You may preview the .pdf publications here.


Infinity Turbine Filemaker PDF Publications Search Engine Browser 


How it works: Infinity has developed a real-time PDF document search/retrieve and display browser that will form dynamic search lists and results using Filemaker.  Documents for ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and Supercritical CO2. Display results will have both text and a image field of the .pdf page. 


Search Engine Documents for Turbine and Related Distributed Generation: Display results will have both text and a image field of the .pdf page. This app is a direct connection to our Filemaker Browser Server, which allows you to search keywords, but allows you to view the page text and image, as well as download the complete .pdf.  This information is not stored, but provided as a browser, similar to Google.