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• Use 95 Percent Of The World's Available Waste Heat For Fuel Source

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ROT24 Assembly

ROT24 Plans • Blueprints • Available for Purchase

ROT06 Turbine Rotor Infinity Turbine

Infinity Turbine LLC has developed and fabricated many turbine designs.


One of those designs was our ROT Radial Outflow Turbine with a 24 inch diameter (ROT24). The turbine can drive (depending on pressure) a 50-100 kW generator. If a induction motor/generator is used, you will need to install a grid-tie device. This design is for 300 psi or lower working pressures. With enhanced material design, or vessel strength, and generator designs which can withstand higher temperatures and pressures, you can use higher pressures. The blueprints offered, are only for the turbine (the generator you purchase separately) and assembly of the turbine generator. System plans for a complete ORC Organic Rankine Cycle System are sold separately, and include the evaporator/condenser heat exchangers, feedpump, PLC Control, piping, valves, VFD, frame, and system components.


The turbine design is unique in that it uses the generator shaft and bearings for support, and a simple pipe with Gruvlok or Victualic couplings to seal in the pressure. The flat end plates (discs) are easily waterjet or machined out of aluminum or stainless steel. If you are using CO2 or water/steam for the working fluid, we suggest more durable bearings that will tolerate the pressurized environment. You can also use a shaft seal to isolate the turbine section, and put the DC or AC generator outside, which does not require any special bearing lubrication that is tolerant to the inside turbine working fluid.


While we are focusing on larger designs for our systems, we are offering these blueprints for sale “as is”, which include a unlimited build license. We may offer updates from time-to-time, and support is not included with the price.


The plans include images of each component in (jpg/png) and .pdf views.


The machine ready files include dwg, dxf, xt and we can provide other files on request from our AutoDesk suite of Cad/Cam software.


The files are provided by a FTP download.


The license is for the turbine blueprints only, and does not include any support (optional).

ROT24 Turbine Rotor Profile
ROT06 Turbine Rotor Infinity Turbine