$10,000 any turbine or systems plans with optional licensing


Infinity is now offering a unique build-test-license business model which gives you access to build one system, and then license after the build. These systems do not have TUV or other European certification, which you can get on your own when you build a system for your country.

Until the end of this month (January 31, 2021) Infinity Turbine is offering any turbine or system plan for the price of $10,000 USD.

Limited time offer price of $10,000 for plans and blueprints.

ROT06 Turbine Plans

IT10 System Plans

IT50 System Plans

ROT15 Turbine Plans

ROT24 Turbine Plans

IT250 Axial Plans

IT250 System Plans

Supercritical CO2 Phase Change Demonstrator and Experimental Platform for miniature CO2 turbines and Tribo Effect Power Generation

Miniature RIT Turbine and Modular Block Housing
Example of tube-set in a ORC heat exchanger
Example of a turbine asembly
Example of 3D metal printed heat exchanger and turbine

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Sales and Email: greg@infinityturbine.com

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