Bitcoin Mining | Waste Heat to Energy and Improving Efficiencies using the Crypto Mine Shaft

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto mining solutions for reducing heat loads and making cooling from IC chip and graphics boards waste heat

Bitcoin Mining

Profitable crypto mining (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Helium, and others) focusses on lower energy costs while increasing efficiencies to reduce costs to gain access to profit. Scalability is also a key factor in growing profits.

A typical crypto miner will gross about $4-7 per day (subtract electrical costs from that) and produces around .170-.360 kW of heat from each GPU processor. As you can see, trying to make money using this process will involve deploying multiple miners (many buy buildings or modular storage solutions and fill them with miners).

Converting Shipping Containers and Vans

Crypto Mine Shaft (conversion of shipping container or van to GPU farm). Plans include drawings, components, parts, and suppliers for layout, GPU and HVAC power, rooftop options for cooling and power generation, heat exchangers, and more.

Licensing Options

A. Plans. Business License to build up to 10 modular units including limited consulting: $999.00

B. Plans. Commercial License for unlimited builds of modular units including limited consulting: $49,999.00

C. Plans. Manufacturing License for unlimited builds of modular units including limited consulting, and reselling of plans: $99,999.00

D. Waste Heat to Cooling and Power Strategies. Includes technology review, parts lists, suppliers, limited consulting, and sophisticated database program for ROI planning, heat and cooling calculations, PID flows, and more. Typical payback on this package for large miner farms can be as little as a month: $99,999.00

E. Project Review and Strategy: Let us review your project and offer solutions to reduce power and increase your profit.

Small Farm (less than 10 container miner farms): $10,000.00

Large Farm (more than 10 container miner farms): $50,000.00

Miner ROI Database Solution:

We are developing a Filemaker solution program which allows you to enter in costs to plan a facility before starting your operation for ROI (payback). This includes variables such as miner speed (to figure out puzzle), electricity costs, cooling costs, and other items (many of which you can add as custom components).

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Shipping containers and vans make perfect crypto miner facilities, since they are watertight and modular

Repurposing Shipping Containers and Refrigerated Vans for Modular Crypto Miners:

Containers and vans have been used successfully in shipping since 1954 around the world. They are used in all environments from deserts to the arctic. When they fall off of ships, they can float for literally years.

Containers which have been used for many years, get cycled off of ships and get sold. Prices range from $800 for a 20 ft. container to $2,500 for a 40 ft. container. They make perfect crypto miner facilities, since they are watertight. Parts are readily available since there are somewhere between 5-170 million of these around the world.

Watertight: the doors on containers come with replaceable rubber gaskets which gives them an airtight seal.

No Foundation Required: Containers are meant to be stacked up to 10-15 high, which means they are very rugged on the bottom and four corners of the container. They can be placed on gravel, pavement, a concrete pad, or even simple timbers or railroad ties. Because they do not require a foundation, a great deal of money and site preparation time can be saved.

Durability: Steel or Aluminum skinned containers work perfect as miner facilities. The end posts on containers are made from very thick steel. The walls and top are made from 1/8 inch steel or aluminum sheets. Every 12 to 16 inches are U or C channel stock which provides support for the skin. The bottom of the container is made up of I-beams. A wooden floor of Paudak wood or plywood, which covers the I-beams.

Longevity: While the useful life of a container may be limited for shipping, they make perfect modular buildings. Containers can be moved by using a undercarriage or cranes, which may get expensive. A better option for portable miner facilities are over-the-road insulated vans, which have a undercarriage.

Versatility: Containers can be stacked vertically, or placed side-by-side.

Roof Mounted Options: The flat roofs allow installation of solar panels and heat exchangers to dissipate heat in night-time or colder climate locations.

Advanced HVAC Cooling: Infinity offers solutions for utilizing the waste heat to make power and cooling. Our innovative solutions allow waste heat to make cool flows to cool miners and make mining more efficient.

Crypto Miner Shaft Plans: Infinity has developed plans to convert shipping containers or vans for modular racks, including power diagrams, and cooling solutions. Our plans give you the best long term modular solutions which allow you to add miners when needed, with one strategy which is energy efficient and gives you the advantage over other miners.

Summary: Shipping containers and refrigerated vans make great modular miner facilities. Hi-cube containers offer more flexibility for top mounted fan racks and interior space utilization. Insulated containers can save you time insulating the chambers. Over-the-road insulated vans offer you mobility and ready-to-deploy solutions.

Container Statistics

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Caster beams for modular rack fabrication using simple bolt together components

Caster Beam Modular Pre Fabricated Structure For Crypto Mining Racks

Infinity is now offering plans for do-it-yourself crypto racks that are modular and will fit into our Crypto Mining Container system, which can use any shipping container or van.

The Crypto version of the caster beam is smaller and modular for rack mounting processors. It is specifically designed for modular installation into mobile (portable) boxes like shipping containers or over-the-road vans.

All of our modular solutions use simple bolt together parts (no welding or expensive tools required).

Rack plans (and parts lists) will be available shortly via PayPal.

Example of our standard cart caster beam (pdf)

Infinity miner CO2 closed loop cooling system for GPU, ASIC, and power supply components. Smaller footprint with zero sound.

Work Smarter. Not Harder. Using CO2 to cool silently with no moving parts.

Infinity Turbine LLC has been working with CO2 since 2004, and more recently using phase change supercritical CO2 extraction with our other company, Infinity Supercritical LLC since 2015.

Closed-loop CO2 cooling provides amazing spot cooling which is much more efficient than air, water/glycol, or immersion cooling since it provides great cooling capacity.

The advantages of a CO2 cooling system include reduced footprint, less moving parts, better cooling, less cost, improved ROI, runs silent, and uses less energy. This means that your running costs are reduced which means more profits. It makes you more competitive than everyone else.

Retrofit existing systems: You can retrofit your existing liquid cooled or immersion system with a CO2 cooling source. Simply replace your chiller with a phase change CO2 system.

CO2 phase-change cooling systems are compact and silent.

Infinity Supercritical Phase Change Systems (external link)

Carbon dioxide: sometimes it is a cooling gas, sometimes a warming gas

Why CO2 is the Most Promising Refrigerant in the Cooling Industry

Study on the thermal dissipation performance of GPU cooling system with nanofluid as coolant

ROI Payback Analysis for Crypto Miners by Infinity Turbine

Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution Now Available From Infinity Turbine

Infinity Turbine has developed a Crypto miner solution using shipping containers or trailer vans as the modular facility to house the miners.

The miner app gives you costs, estimated power input and HVAC demands for either a fan cooled, or chiller cooled module (container or van).

The solution uses Filemaker as the base application which can be used on Windows or Mac (purchased directly from Filemaker). There is even FileMaker GO which allows use by iPhone and iPad.

The solution can be used in great detail for costs in the build-out and operational costs. You have unlimited entry options for both.

The solution is $499.00

(support is additional)

See some examples below of the Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution using ASIC and GPU miners.

NOTE: Buy via PayPal below. Requires Filemaker to run. This solution was built on the Filemaker application as a solution, thus requires the basic Filemaker application to run the solution.

PayPal Link to Buy the Miner Analysis Solution App (Filemaker is required to run the App)

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Filemaker Pro Database Solution

ROI Payback Analysis for Crypto Miners by Infinity Turbine Advertising Page (pdf download)

Buy now for $499 via PayPal. Scan the code above. Requires Filemaker to run.

Need Strategy? Use our Consulting and analyst services

Infinity Turbine LLC is pleased to announce its consulting and analyst services. We have worked in the renewable energy industry as a researcher, developing sales and markets, along with may inventions and innovations.

Sold as-is and provided on a best efforts basis. All time is documented and a summary log will be provided when requested. Unused credit may be used for a period of six months after invoice date. Consulting is provided via telephone, email, or other media as agreed to in writing (email). Minimum billing is 30 minutes, so it is recommended to have questions, support, and consulting for at least that period of time. References available.

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Using a microturbine such as the Capstone Turbine can not only provide on-site remote power, but also peak shaving solutions. The waste heat can be used to produce cooling.

Capstone Turbine Absorption Chiller

Absorption chillers are a great idea for the Infinity Turbine Crypto Mine Shaft.

If you use a Capstone Turbine for stand-alone or peak shaving using the grid, you may use the waste heat to generate cooling for both air radiators, or for liquid cooled solutions. These include individual GPU or Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC).

Absorption chillers have slower response times from the inertia of the lithium bromide solution. The temperature of entering condenser water must be 68 F (20 C) or higher, while electric chillers can handle temperatures down to 55 F.

Capstone Turbine Absorption Chiller

Absorption Chillers for CHP Systems

ROI for the 3060ti GPU Miner Based Van

Mining Revenue from a 53 ft Container or Van Using GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU Miners

Revenue from GPU Miners.

ROI Analysis for van based on GeForce RTX 3060 Ti miners.

Note: Variables will depend on current crypto rate, electrical rate, cost of components, etc. This may change on a daily basis.

Data From: Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution

ROI for the 3060ti GPU Miner Based Van (pdf download)

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ROI for the 3060ti GPU Miner Based Van

Email: Miner solutions

ROI for the 3060ti GPU Miner Based Van

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ROI for the Antminer E9 Based Van

Mining Revenue from a 53 ft Container or Van Using Antminer E9

Revenue from ASIC Miners.

The Antminer E9 is not currently available (as of 12/14/2021).

Note: Variables will depend on current crypto rate, electrical rate, cost of components, etc. This may change on a daily basis.

Data From: Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution

Antminer E9 Miner Based Van (pdf download)

Email: Miner solutions

ROI for the Antminer E9 Based Van page 1

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ROI for the Antminer E9 Based Van page 2

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ROI for the Van based GE Force RTX 3090 miners

Mining Revenue from a 53 ft Container or Van Using GE Force RTX 3090

Revenue from GPU Miners.

ROI Analysis for van based GE Force RTX 3090 miners.

Note: Variables will depend on current crypto rate, electrical rate, cost of components, etc. This may change on a daily basis.

Data From: Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution

Van Based GE Force RTX 3090 miners Analysis (pdf download)

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ROI for the Van based GE Force RTX 3090 miners Page 1

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ROI for the Van based GE Force RTX 3090 miners Page 2

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ROI for the Van based GE Force RTX 3090 miners Page 3

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What are the challenges for current crypto mining ?

In a review of current commercial crypto mining facilities in the USA (which are mainly in warehouses and more portable containers), most have common inefficiencies.

The primary factors in mining are: cost of equipment, hashrate, and power consumption (including component use and waste heat removal).

Most use a cool corridor and hot corridor concept. Some large warehouses use a heat chimney (waste heat exhaust flow). While most simply use filtered outside air for cooling, some larger facilities in Texas use evaporative (water) cooling to achieve a 10-20 degree differential.

The small container mounted crypto designs have little thought into airflow and a good cooling strategy, while the larger warehouse facilities simply are large component storage shelves.

Instead of optimizing airflow and cooling, these facilities just use bulk miner placement with just-in-time air cooling.

While there are more sophisticated immersion cooling and other technologies, many of those remain secret and not in the public eye on YouTube or viewable in other media . The industry is highly competitive, so it is understandable.

With some planning and strategizing, you can make facilities more efficient, provide better cooling, and provide a better path forward for scaling up in the future.

The main concept here is to establish your goals before building the facility, whether it's in a modular container, or a warehouse.

The main elements of crypto mining infrastructure are power and waste heat dissipation.

While older GPU's are still used, the newer ASIC units are more efficient (and have a logarithmic increase in hash rate). Both have the same problem

Power: Most power providers have power at 3 phase and a high voltage, which needs to be reduced in voltage and may be split to single phase for miner use. 3-phase allows integration with remote power generators, sich as the Capstone Microturbine which can run off of stranded gas and other low cost fuels. Solar power also makes available low cost daylight options, which is also when grid-based power is most expensive. Fans are recommended at 3-phase since they are lower in cost, run cooler, and more efficient.

Waste Heat Dissipation: This is the big area of study prior to building a facility is what to do with the large amounts of heat from the miners. There are two classifications of cooling, and most are installed according to rapid deployment, instead of best efficiency for the miners.

Tunnel Cooling: Air enters one end, and exits the opposite. Tunnel cooling does not take advantage of the primary airflow to move the heat. The disadvantge of this type of bulk cooling is that as air moves down the tunnel, it increases in temperature (cooler for miners near the inlet, and hotter towards the exit).

Side Lateral Cooling: Air enters from the side and exits into a center tunnel laterally, or into a tunnel and then vertically into a chimney. This method is preferred since it takes cooler air directly from the side and moves it through the miner. There are no cascade heating effects found in the tunnel cooling strategy.

Our cooling strategy is two-fold, deployable as your cooling needs expand. The first is our top mounted Side Lateral Cooling technique which sets up a circular airflow pattern with fans and optional cooling coils located at the top of the container or van. The miner racks place the miners at an angle to take advantage of the Bernoulli principle to assist in removing waste heat from the miners. The second is the ability to provide CO2 or chiller cooling via Pex tubing in the top of the container or van, or via large aluminum plates located on the miners themselves.


See reference below.

Originally Answered:

Are graphic card important in bitcoin mining ?

They are not, at least not anymore.

Bitcoin mining benefits a lot from multiple processing pathways - it's an embarrassingly parallel problem, where you just need to divide up the space you want to search, and then every worker can work independently from the rest.

Initially Bitcoin was mined on the CPU. Fast, many-core CPUs, mind you. Another alternative was FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) - this is essentially a chip blank; although much slower than modern CPUs, it allowed you to put the entire logic in hardware, with as many parallel paths as you had room for.

Then programmable GPUs came along, and somebody (well, everybody) discovered they are perfect for mining Bitcoin - so most people switched to GPUs or FPGAs, and the resulting difficulty increase eliminated CPU miners (Bitcoin adjusts the mining difficulty automatically - the more hashes per second total in the network, the harder it gets).

Now people started making fully custom silicon (ASIC - Application-Specific Integrated Circuit), and the resulting difficulty increase eliminated everybody else. My relatively good GPU could do 220 MHash/s, while new ASIC hardware can do like 7000000 MHash/s (that's seven million million hash operations per second).

Right now, there is nothing in a normal computer that is important for Bitcoin mining - none of it matters, because none of it can get anywhere near close to breaking even (on a modern GPU, you'll need a couple thousand years to mine 1 BTC, if the difficulty stopped increasing right now; you'll consume a steady 150-170W of electricity for the entire time, which will cost you millions or billions of some money unit).

From 6441 (see reference below):

You are missing the key fact that you cannot compare hashrate of different algorithms. That ASIC mines the algorithm used by Bitcoin known as SHA-256, a 100 TH/s on SHA-256 is currently about $28 a day for $3,000 (if you can find them at retail you could get 7 x 3060ti's which would be about 420 Mh/s on Ethereum (ETHash) which is currently $34 a day then add to that power usage, a 7 3060ti mining rig runs at about 1 kW per hour where that ASIC runs at 3.4 kW per Hours, so it's more then 3 times as expensive to run and makes less money then the GPU mining Rig plus like you said, it has no resale value.

Why were graphics cards so important in Bitcoin mining

What are key differences between ASIC and GPU mining

$ per Hashrate: ASIC vs. GPU

Mining Profit Calculator

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