Fast Vacuum Table

Fast Vacuum Table For Carbon Fiber and Expoxy Resin Sealing Operations

Vacuum Bagging Table and Optional Heating Chamber (low pressure autoclave)

Product: The Fast Vacuum Bag Table, uses fast vacuum sealing technology, for small parts on the table top, or larger vacuum bagging operations with the multi-port manifold. Strong 2 HP (easy to maintain) vacuum pump with vacuum tank fast vac, and resin bucket.

Profits: The Fast Vacuum table allows you to vacuum bag quickly, saving labor time.

Time: The Fast Vacuum Table gives you access to bulk vacuum sealing which saves you time.

PDF Brochure: 20181120-infinity-turbine-fast-vacuum-table

Footprint: 2×4 ft, with 2×4 ft Flip-up Extension

– Vacuum Bagging Wood Laminates

– Vacuum Bagging Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Resin and Glue Based Functions

– Nitrogen or CO2 Purge and Vacuum Bag Hemp and Botanicals to Preserve for Future Extraction

– Hemp Storage – Decarboxylation – Drying Product

– Removing Air For Medium Term Storage of Botanicals


Fast Vacuum Table System – All Inclusive Package $12,999
4x4ft 2HP Vacuum Bag System: $12,999
Industrial Processors Package
– 2×4 ft cart with 2×4 ft flip-up table
– Wide Mouth 24 inch Vacuum Table Top
– Manifold: Four 1/2 inch ID Tube Connectors
– Heat Sealer
– Vacuum Bag Attachment
– Stainless Steel Resin/Liquid Collection Vessel

-Pre Charge On-Board 11 Gallon Tank for Fast Vacuum

– Dual Vacuum Pump 110V Single Phase (USA)
– Industrial Cart with Casters (USA)
– Starter Vacuum Bag Media
– Footprint 24×48 inches
– Self-contained System with 110V Single Phase
– Plug and Play
– Wooden Crate
– All Built in the USA
– Custom Built Vacuum Pump
– Freight and Insurance to lower 48
– Autoclave Hood Option (heats material and
circulates hot air) $6,999

Heavy Duty 2 HP Pump System 
– Made in USA
– All parts available overnight via McMaster
– Designed for the long haul and easy to repair
– Simple to maintain
– Replaceable air cylinder o-ring seals


Resin Collection Vessel Liquid Trap
– collect terpenes
– collect resin during carbon fiber bagging
– collect liquid during vacuum process
– collect glue during vacuum glue vise ops
– liquid trap for other vacuum bagging ops


Crate and Shipping
Included in Price
– heavy duty crate (domestic USA shipping)
– tip indicators
– shipped with insurance
– tip indicators for indication of shipping damage
– lift-gate and residential service included
– we take photos of finished equipment before crating and after crating for any freight damage insurance claims