Infinity Modular Block Experimenters Kit

Modular Block Turbine Experimenters Kit: For experimentation of cavitation and pumping designs. We include the basic kit for you to experiment with. This is a DIY kit, and support is additional. This is for experimenters only. This is for water based or compressed air based experimentation. Rotating elements can easily be 3-D printed, or laser cut from a variety of materials. The o-rings are not designed for pressure applications. All sales on items below are non-refundable.

Basic Kit $9,999: Includes metal bearing blocks, center blocks, blank center block for modification, HDPE magnetic coupling blocks, blank HDPE blocks for modification, stainless steel shafts (short and long lengths), rotating assembly discs of various shapes which can be used for experimenting with pumping and cavitation, all fasteners, shaft clips, bearings, o-rings. This is a standard atmospheric unit (non-pressurized) and not designed for pressure applications. 110V variable speed drive electric motor, magnetic couplings. All attached points are 3/8 inch. This is a DIY kit. Support is additional. Kit is for experimenting with cavitation, pumping, or other experiments with water or air. It is not a extraction system for botanicals, but a water or air based experimentation system.

Expanded Kit On Mobile Cart $19,999: Includes Basic Kit, includes a standard Infinity Supercritical professional green powder coated cart with HDPE table top. Cart measures 24 inches wide, by 48 inches long, by 40 inches in height, on industrial casters (fits through any standard door, hallway, or elevator. Includes separate kitchen commercial grade centrifugal separation unit, and botanicals grinder.

Basic Kit With Electropolished Metal Blocks $29,000: Includes Basic Kit, but with electropolished metal parts. GMP.

Plans and Blueprints for Unlimited Production $99,999: Includes license to build unlimited modular blocks and assemblies. Non-exclusive. Available by download. Support additional.


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