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Infinity Turbine ITmini and ITmicro Turbine Generator System Using ROT, Axial, Radial Inflow, and Impulse Turbine Designs with Conventional Machining and 3D Additive Printing

infinity turbine has been developing small scale experimental waste heat to power turbines since 2008

Infinity Turbine IT10 ORC Waste Heat to Power Generator Since 2008

the infinity turbine i10 is a small 10 kw waste heat to power orc generator system perfect for engine waste heat, industrial waste heat, solar thermal heat utilization and cloud server bank waste heat

Miniature Radial Outflow Turbine Designs ROT



Pulse Jet RC Engine

rc pulse jet engine

ROT15 Radial Outflow Turbine Generator Using Motor Generator Common Shaft and Gruvlok Pipe Housing

the rot15 radial outflow turbine generator can product AC or DC power via a common shaft motor generator

Miniature Waste Heat to Energy System ORC Using Rotomax Turnigy Wild AC DC RC Motor Generator

the rotomax turnigy rc hobby motor is perfect for DC – wild AC power generation

Supercritical CO2 Energy System

co2 waste heat to energy system utilizing 30C waste heat