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Technical Data Sheet Aegis A Air Source Lync’s Aegis A is a powerful commercial CO2 air source heat pump water heater powered by R744, better known as refrigerant grade CO2. Aegis A produces hot water up to 185° at air temperatures as low as -4°F with no need for supplemental heat. By simply absorbing and moving heat from the sur- rounding area instead of needing to generate heat, this heat pump is extremely efficient thus saving energy and lowering operating costs. Because it uses a natural refrigerant CO2, Lync’s Aegis A is a safe, environmentally friendly heat pump water heater: R744 is non-toxic, non-flam- mable, has an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of zero and a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) of one. R744 outperforms other refrigerants, like R134a and R410a, by having a much lower GWP (1.0 vs 1430 and 2088 respectively) and a wider range of ambient operating temperatures, making Aegis A a better, longer-lasting option as more states introduce stricter environmental guidelines. Features High Performance Operation • Produces hot water up to 185°F at air temperatures as low as -4°F with no need for supplemental heat • Wide ambient operating conditions provide high COP (Coefficient of Performance) year-round • Complete solution with long-lasting duplex stainless tanks, highly accurate digital mixing valves, and more Environmentally Friendly Technology • Eco-friendly refrigerant R744 has an OPD of 0 and low GWP of 1 • Non-toxic and non-flammable • Natural R744 provides long-lasting refrigerant option to increasingly stringent environmental guidelines Energy Saving • Energy efficient with lower operating costs – provides heat by absorbing and moving heat from the surrounding area instead of generating supplemental heat • Lower peak energy demands and peak use and can lead to additional electricity savings Additional Features • Cool recovery option provides simultaneous production of cold water along with hot water, further increasing COP • The heat pump can be remotely controlled through the building automation system (BAS) allowing users to check the status of the unit real time, record operational data, check for faults with alarms and warnings, change set point and operating modes and much more • Fan coil coating available for coastal areas • Advanced defrost cycle with electric coil elimi- nates the need to reverse operation to defrost • Ideal for new and retrofit, multifamily, gyms, industrial, hospitality, education and healthcare

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