CDH water to water heat pump

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CDH water to water heat pump ( cdh-water-water-heat-pump )

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CDH water-to-water heat pump foR high tEmpERatuRES With Co2 REfRigERaNt CDh is a water-to-water heat pump deisgned to produce hot water using natural refrigerant R744-Co2. The use of CO2 beyond its critical point allows to get hot water (i.e. domestic hot water) instantaneously and with higher efficiency compared to traditional solutions. The control software is specifically developed for the highest efficiency of the refrigerating cycle and offers a fully customizable operation. R744: Co2 aS REfRigERaNt The use of R744 natural fluid complies with the recent regulations for global warming reduction. Its large availability throughout the world and not toxic and not flammable characteristics allow safe and environmental friendly installations. Moreover R744 has good thermodynamic properites for high temperature applications thanks to the low volumetric flow-rate on power-unit and high heat exchange coefficient. Therefore high COP and large availability allow low running and maintenance costs for the plant. high tEmpERatuRE hot WatER pRoDuCtioN up to 80°C CO2 heat pumps exploit systems where the temperaure difference from outlet to inlet water is very high (> 30 °C); therefore to reach high efficiency they are suitable for: • Domestic hot water production • Industrial processes (ex. pasteurization) • Multi-user plants (cascade use of the hot water) EXtREmELY CompaCt uNit The unit is designed taking in consideration space occupation to ease the installation on thermal plants. Nevertheless the internal components are arranged to be easily accessible for ordinary and not ordinary maintenance. Steel tubes and certified weldings ensure safe operation up to 140 bar (PED IV category), with safety valves on both high and low sides. RECipRoCatiNg CompRESSoR With NoiSE-aBSoRBiNg BoX to REDuCE NoiSE EmiSSioN CuStomiZaBLE SoftWaRE iNtERNaLLY DESigNED The software has been developed through internal research and field tests to achieve the optimal result in terms of customization and interaction with external management systems. The implemented logics makes the most of the CO2 refrigerant tchnology to reach the best COP. • Heat recovery with high temperature differences • Retrofit of existing plants On source side they can be paired with geothermal close loop or well systems. ›› Exchangers: high pressure brazed plate heat exchangers ›› Designed for CO2 transcritical circuits up to 140 bar ›› Configuration: only heating (high temperature) ›› Reciprocating compressor for transcritical cycle with gas cooler ›› Electronically controlled Electric expansion Valve (EEV). ›› Source-side and User-side pumps variable speed operation to adapt flow-rates to actual operating speed and allow significant savings on pumping costs. ›› Specifically designed control software for the highest efficiency of the refrigerating cycle

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