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CO2 heat pumps in europe ( co2-heat-pumps-europe )

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Market reports Alexandra Maratou, Janaina Topley Lira, Huiting Jia & Nina Masson shecco SPRL Contact: nina.masson@shecco.com guide shecco publications 50 REHVA Journal – October 2012 CO2 heat pumps in europe market dynamics & legislative opportunities As companies seek to find new ways to reduce their energy consumption and invest in environ- mentally sound technologies, more and more are turning to natural refrigerant applications. For heating cold water to high temperatures CO2 heat pumps represent a climate and ozone friendly, energy efficient technology, gradually making clear inroads in both the residential and commercial building sectors as well as in large district heating projects across Europe. Depicting this budding market shecco shares some of the latest policy, market and technology developments relevant to CO2 heat pumps. CO2 heat pump water heaters (HPWH) technol- ogy was developed in Japan over the last dec- ade under the brand name “EcoCute” or “Eco Cute”. This type of water heater is becoming increas- ingly popular in many parts of the world due to the in- creased level of environmental awareness. As mitigat- ing climate change becomes more pressing, applications that presently use high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants need to be replaced with solutions like CO2, a burgeoning trend across the HVAC&R sector. Market potential of R744 in European countries Part of a series of unique free publications, shecco’s “GUIDE 2012: Natural Refrigerants – Market Growth for Europe” captures a snapshot of the growing natural refrigerant market in the areas of industrial, commercial and residential heating, air conditioning and refrigera- tion. Based on a refrigerant survey that received more QUESTION: “Which Products & Services for Natural Refrigerants do you HAVE?” Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you in gathering business intelligence, getting your climate technology faster to market and spread the message among decision makers. Natural Refrigerants - Market Growth for Europe, shecco talk to us oN the phoNe (+32) 2 230 3700 than 1338 industry expert opinions (666 from Europe), including those of heat pourmMpailmiNGaandudfraescsturers, results re- 35% 25% 17% 22% CO2 42% Ammonia CO2 Ammonia Hydrocarbons All Figure 1. Market share of Natural Refrigerants Products in Europe based on 1338 industry expert opinions. [1] Figure 2. Market potential of Natural Refrigerants Products in Europe based on 1338 industry expert opinions. [1] Hydrocarbons 20% All 18% 20% GUIDE 2012: eMail us at research@shecco.com publications. Available also at http://guide.shecco.com/guide.php vealed increasing investment in CO2 technologies and shecco house Rue Royale 15 1000, Brussels favourable market conditions for CO2 products. For ex- ample, among the European respondents 35% currently offer CO2-based products or services, whilst 42% of re- spondents stated that their future products and services would involve CO2-based solutions. (Figure 1&2) QUESTION: “Which Products & Services do you PLAN TO HAVE?” Belgium

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