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Technical Data Sheet Lync Storage Tank Lync Storage Tanks are cost-effective, corrosion-resistant and engineered to last. With tanks fabricated from duplex stainless steel and with an ultra-durable RHINO outer coating, Lync tanks are designed exclusively for the rigors of outdoor installation with Aegis heat pumps. Engineered to Last with Rhino The 1/8-inch thick Rhino polymer coating provides a durable, monolithic and protective barrier against the harshest elements of an outdoor installation. The coating is not only waterproof but provides impact and abrasion resistance in addition to resistance to UV light. Unmatched Corrosion Resistance with Duplex Stainless Steel Our revolutionary, engineered design combines duplex stainless-steel alloy with highly specialized and proprietary manufacturing process. The result is a long-lasting, reliable water heater with superior corrosion- resistance.The pickled and passivated duplex stainless steel design holds up to high storage temperatures better than standard glass-lined tanks. Save Money, Save Energy, Save the Planet To minimize heat loss through tank walls in cold outside environments, the Lync storage tanks are wrapped with R-22 fiberglass insulation; 75% higher than the standard ASHRAE requirement of R 12.5 for indoor tanks. The insulation further improves energy and acoustic efficiency, while providing high resistance to fire and milddew. Seismic and Wind Restraints Factory-installed base head ring and clip systems provide sturdy mounting to accommodate installation in seismic or high wind locations. Warranty Superior materials of construction and advanced manufacturing methods enable us to provide an industry leading 25-year tank corrosion warranty.

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