Trans-Critical CO2 Heat Pump System AEA Grant

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Trans-Critical CO2 Heat Pump System AEA Grant ( trans-critical-co2-heat-pump-system-aea-grant )

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Alaska SeaLife Center Trans-Critical CO2 Heat Pump System AEA Grant Agreement No. 7310213 AEA Funding: $537,560 Rasmuson Foundation: $50,000 ASLC In-Kind Match: $69,570 Total Project Budget: $657,130 Project Timeline: July 2014-June 2017 Final Report June 30, 2017 Project Introduction The goal of this project is to demonstrate the use of innovative seawater source CO2 refrigerant heat pump technology at the Alaska SeaLife Center to meet the medium temperature hydronic perimeter heating, large habitat observation decks snow melt, life support filter room heating to control seasonal condensation, and cooling of the boiler and central motor control rooms using fan coil units. Key project tasks and relevant activities included the following: • Installation of four 20-ton Mayekawa CO2 refrigerant heat pumps • Installation of supporting infrastructure (heat exchangers, pumps, etc.) • Commissioning of integrated monitoring and controls system • Reconfiguration and integration of supporting mechanical and electrical systems • Demonstration of the technology Project activities commenced in September 2014, with primary system installation and commissioning completed by January 2016 and final commissioning completed by March 2016. The project underwent active performance monitoring from April 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017. The following organizations were involved in this project: 1

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Trans-Critical CO2 Heat Pump System AEA Grant

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