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MAN Heat Pump CO2 ( man-heat-pump-co2 )

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MAN Heat Pump The emission-free MAN Heat Pump solution HPU makes efficient use of the special properties that CO2, as a working fluid, has to offer. Operating with an optimized transcritical heat pump cycle, this high temperature industrial heat pump system is able to generate temperatures from 0°C (32°F) up to 150°C (302°F) and up to 50 MW (170.61 MMBtu/h) of thermal heat and 30 MW (8530 tons of refrigeration) of thermal cold with using just one single heat pump unit. 1 Heat Sink HEX PCHE Type 2 Recuperator S&T, Plate or PCHE Type 3 HOFIM® Compressor and Expander 4 CO2 Separator 5 Evaporator S&T, Plate or PCHE Type Benefits at a glance – Large scale supply of heating or cooling – High supply temperatures – Environmentally friendly refrigerant – High power density – Adaptable to project or site specific requirements – An all inclusive electric solution for low maintenance and remote operations – Participation in secondary control power market – Quick start-up, shut down and load change reaction time 12345 Energy & storage systems

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MAN Heat Pump CO2

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