Reclaim CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump Design

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Reclaim CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump Design ( reclaim-co2-hot-water-heat-pump-design )

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Reclaim CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump Design & Specification Guide Product Overview A Reclaim Energy hot water heat pump will reduce the energy used and environmental impact of domestic hot water by up to 80%. It is suitable for most homes and small commercial projects, providing up to 700L DHW at 63°C per day. Reclaim heat pump is a split system, with outdoor compressor and either indoor or outdoor hot water cylinder. A household accessible controller runs the heat pump and can be adjusted to suit householder requirements. System Sizing There is one Reclaim Energy heat pump, suitable for most homes. It will provide up to 700L of hot water per day. The heat pump is connected to a 300L hot water cylinder to store adequate amounts of hot water to ensure there is always hot water available for the household. The cylinder can be indoors or outdoors. Other cylinder sizes are possible in very low or high demand situations, contact us to discuss options. 1. Heat energy in air absorbed by natural CO2 refrigerant 2. Compressor concentrates heat energy in refrigerant and transfer heat to water via on-board heat exchanger 3. Cold water from cylinder is pumped through compressor and heated to 63°C 4. Cylinder is heated from top down with hot water from compressor 5. External controller turns off heat pump once sensor reaches 59°C Specification summary ✓ Reclaim compressor outdoor – ground or wall mounted ✓ Cylinder outdoor OR indoor – 300L stainless steel – Reclaim or another brand ✓ Maximum distance between compressor & cylinder to be 10m total length & 5m height difference ✓ Reclaim controller to be mounted outside by compressor

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Reclaim CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump Design

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