Publications on Waste Heat to Power by Infinity Turbine LLC

Silver Nanoparticle Publications

Publications related to producing silver nanoparticles from the SDR or spinning disc reactor

Silver Nanoparticle Publications




Nikola Tesla Patents Publications

This is a complete listing of Nikola Tesla Patents.

Nikola Tesla Patents Publications

Radial Outflow Turbine Publications

Publications related to the Radial Outflow Turbine.

Radial Outflow Turbine Publications




Waste Heat to Energy Publications

Publications for waste heat to energy.

Waste Heat to Energy Publications




Electric Turbine

Topics include:

- aircraft technology and innovation

- static plasma wings and plasma deicing

- electronic turbine propulsion

- acoustic problems with jet engines

- electric nanogenerator

- concepts of classical jet propulsion

- triboelectric nanogenerator

- anti-icing method of airfoil pulsed dielectric barrier discharge plasma

- fundamentals of electric propulsion ion and hall thrusters

- jet propulsion by microwave air plasma

- nano mechanics quantum size effects contacts triboelectricity

- air breathing plasma jet propulsion concept

- optimization dielectric discharge plasma actuators icing control

- plasma actuators hingeless aerodynamic control uav and drones

- stall control by plasma actuators along airfoil span

Electric Turbine | Static Thrusters | Plasma Wing




Combined Heat and Power CHP

Various publications related to combined heat and power.

- Texas Geothermal

- Argonon Sustainable Ship

- 250 kW Carrier Micro Steam Heat Recovery Turbine

- Infinity GPU

- Cain Economizers

- Cain Heat Recovery Units

- Chena Hot Springs Geothermal to Power


- Volcanic Geothermal

- Ramgen Shockwave Turbine Compressor

- PureCycle 280 Manual and Datasheet

- Tesla Turbine

- Waste Heat Utilization

Waste Heat to Energy Combined Heat and Power

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New Development Converting 10L Supercritical CO2 Machines to Produce Liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen: Infinity is now working on converting the 10L extraction systems to produce Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) and Liquid Oxygen (LOX). These valuable gases can be used for rockets, cooling lasers, and cryogenic botanical extraction. More Info

IT50: 50 kW ORC system plans or complete system. More Info

Strategy and Consulting Services: System sizing, ORC payback, renewable energy strategy, PID diagrams. More Info

Turbine and System Plans CAD CAM: Special for this month, any plans are $10,000 for complete Cad/Cam blueprints. License is for one build. Try before you buy a production license. More Info

Waste Heat Power Technology: Organic Rankine Cycle uses waste heat to make electricity, shaft horsepower and cooling. More Info

Video: YouTube Link More Info

CO2 + H2O + DC Electricity + Nafion = Plastics and Fuel GTL Gas to Liquids Developers and Experimenters System Cart... More Info

Hydrodynamic Cavitation: Use our Modular Block technology and water to make Silver Nanoparticles and even use for hemp oil extraction. More Info

All Turbine and System Products: Cryptocurrency now accepted. Infinity Turbine ORD systems, turbine generator sets, build plans and more to use your waste heat from 30C to 100C. More Info

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