Curcumin May Hold Answers for Electrode Stability for Batteries


Curcumin as a Gamma-sulfur Substitute for Lithium Sulfur Battery Electrodes and Hydrogen Production

Curcumin reduces poisoning because of reaction intermediates.

See link below: Curcumin is used to decorate the gold nanoparticles to stabilize them, forming a porous network around the nanoparticles. Researchers deposited the curcumin gold nanoparticle on the surface of the electrode at a 100 times lower electric current than in previous studies. But the research could have broader implications than improved fuel cells. The electrode’s unique properties could lend itself to future applications in sensors, supercapacitors and more, Ventrapragada said.

Curcumin Could Be Key To More Efficient Batteries


Curcumin as a Electrode Enhancer

Curcumin iron coating...


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