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Electric Motor | Rotor Design | Coil Development Kit

Electric Motor | Rotor Design | Coil Development Kit

Electric Motor | Rotor Design | Coil Development Kit

This concept kit is to help develop magnetic motors, rotors, and coils. The entire assembly can be 3D printed. Magnets can be installed into the rotor and bearings and shafts into the end blocks.

We have drawn up the basic device and provide these drawings for non-commerical use, and license to build one actual assembly.

For production licensing, please contact Infinity Turbine below. We do not grant permission to reprint, store on a remote server or drive or media, or distribute these files. These files are copyright protected 2021 by Infinity Turbine LLC.

Coil Developers Kit Plans Download (3.5 MB .zip)

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PDF: Coil Developers Kit Assembly Drawing

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