Organogel Polymer Electrolyte

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Oregano Oil Extract May be the next Battery Electrolyte

Electrolytes are characterized by their ionic conductivity. It is desirable that overall results from the dominant contribution of the ions of interest (e.g. Li+ in lithium ion batteries or LIB). However, high values of cationic transference number achieved by solid or gel electrolytes have resulted in low leading to inferior cell performances. Organogel polymer electrolyte characterized by a high liquid-electrolyte-level with high t+ for LIB. A conventional liquid electrolyte in presence of a cyano resin was physically and irreversibly gelated without any initiators and crosslinkers, showing the behavior of lower critical solution temperature. During gelation, the electrolyte followed a typical Arrhenius-type temperature dependency, even if its viscosity increased dramatically with temperature. Based on the Li+- driven ion conduction, LIB using the organogel electrolyte delivered significantly enhanced cyclability and thermal stability.

Typical acid based electrolyte with copper electrode

Typical acid based electrolyte with copper electrode



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