Standing Wave Turbine Using Lenticular Mechanics

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Standing Wave Turbine

The major achievement of the standing wave turbine is to provide a standing wave (lenticular) combustion chamber which does not have any impact on driving the compressor.

This allows for a propagating 3D combustion zone that is not limited to allow heat restrictions which results in better efficiency and lower fuel flow.

We are purposely limiting details of this project as it is being developed.

Air and Water and Liquid CO2

This methodology will work with air, water, and CO2.

The equipment set-up will change depending on the phase of the working fluid.

Specifically, a closed-loop system for the liquid CO2, but open systems for air (jet turbine propulsion) and water (marine propulsion).

Liquid CO2

This methodology will work with CO2.

Specifically with liquid CO2 or water, a cavitating device will generate phase change and large pressure change which is much more effective than gaseous components. Instead of pressure change by compression or combustion, cavitation effectively does both.

We have already cavitated liquid CO2 through a simple spinning device which efficiently promotes phase change to supercritical. Additional pressure changes can original from traditional heating methods, including induction heating. This is especially interesting for the HVAC (heat pump) applications for residential and commercial space.

The methodology of phase change with liquid CO2 along with Tribogen has been used with our botanical extraction systems. Specifically, the ElectroStatic Precipitation (ESP) was accomplished by expanding CO2 gas over a hygrid plastic to generate static electricity (DC voltage). This Tribo effect has additional applications with power generation.

With phase change liquid CO2, we have found the closed-loop dynamics the easiest to work with and can be used with a hose of external heat sources (as low is 31 C) which includes waste heat from Bitcoin or cloud computing center CPU's.


This methodology will work well with HVAC applications.

We have already cavitated liquid CO2 through a simple spinning device which efficiently promotes phase change to supercritical.

Our Project Redstone turbine is an example of a device which can be used for the HVAC space. It is one moving part with a counter rotating liquid pump and allowance for magnetic heating.


In a closed loop system, this is perfect for a auxillary power unit or ground power unit.

For VTOL and hybrid or electric aviation (including drones), a closed loop system can help reduce the heat signature and make propulsion separate from the power generation system.

By separating the two, heat flows can be separated from the thrust flow.

In some cases, it makes sense to separate the power and thrust segments.

Lithium Ion Propulsion

Single use drone delivery of payload using standard sacrificial lithium ion batteries.

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