Illusion Drone cloak and dagger nuisance device including balloon strategies

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Illusion Drone

The Illusion Drone is a new class of flying vehicle in the cloak-and-dagger and nuisance space.

The best armament is no armament at all.

With excellent visual stealth and low noise signatures, the Illusion Drone is designed to draw unfriendly attention, and redirect that to themselves. The cloak and dagger deployment is designed to confuse unfriendly actors.

It can also drop RFIDs to allow the unfriendly to paint themselves.

The modular design allows a host of enhancements, including night projection of images (including holograms) to deploy illusions, camoflage, directions, and even advertising.

Pop and drop can prink and dispose of highly volatile lithium batteries into unfriendlies.

The Illusion drone can be AI free flying or tethered for extended time aloft.

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