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IT Micro Radial Turbine for low power applications

IT Micro Radial Turbine for low power applications

IT Micro Radial Turbine

The IT Micro Radial Turbine is designed for small scale power production for the home or low power applications (less than 5 kW).

Working Fluid: R-245fa, R-134, Compressed Air, pressurized water, and a Stainless Steel version with CO2.

Modular Block Assembly: Used since 2008, our Modular Block concept has been used in hundreds of turbine prototypes and production assemblies. This version uses square blocks with 3/8 fasteners and threaded bores.

Purpose: Small power production.

Rapid-Configuration: This assembly allows you to quickly configure turbines and test various working fluids and heat sources. The basic design is for 300 psi or less, which is determinant on the back magnetic coupling block which is made from HDPE. If you can make from nonmagnetic metal or composite fiber for a thicker (stronger) back, then you can use flows with greater pressure.

Magnetic Coupling: The design has a basic 2 inch diameter magnetic coupling and follower, which allows you to have a generator or drive unit mounted exterior.

Plans and licensing available.

IT Micro Radial Turbine (pdf)

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