Caster Beam Modular Building Beams by Infinity Turbine

Caster beam modular bolt together structure

Caster Beam Modular Pre Fabricated Structure

Since 2008 Infinity has been building hundreds of turbine and extraction systems all with metal frames. Instead of relying on welded one-use structures, Infinity devised a system to use bolt together beams which had pre drilled 3 inch access ports and 3/8 inch holes for a bolt together system. Beams also have pre drilled 3/8 bolt patterns for standard 5 inch diameter casters which all fast prototyping carts that hold processing equipment, tables, workbenches, and other structures.

Caster beam modular bolt together structure

Caster beam modular end view

Caster beam connector

Caster beams

Caster beam structure which supports a CO2 phase change system

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