Modular Block Examples

Stainless Steels Blocks

Center turbine block long, center turbine block short, (2) end caps with NPT thread and bearing pocket, front or rear large threaded block.

HDPE blocks

Centre Block with multiple inspection and sensor bores, Bearing block, Front block, Rear block.

seal gaskets

Example of blocks seal gaskets.

Magnetic couplings

Magnetic couplings: (2) magnetic couplings 4.6 nm torque and 10 mm shaft, follower and lead, (1) DST high torque magnetic coupling with glass canister


(1) long small diameter shaft, (2) small diameter shafts, (1) medium small shaft, (1) square material for shim, (1) long 10 mm shaft, (1) medium 10 mm

Package of shaft bearings connectors and clips

Package of shaft bearings connectors and clips.

Organizer box with assorted parts

Organizer box with assorted parts: Tools: Hex screwdriver and Allen wrenches. Shaft clips. Bearings. Site glass example. Rubber material shaft covers. 10–32 hex head bolts, screws. One compartment of assorted 1 inch diameter tesla discs including pump, expander, turbine, star cavitation, star cavitation with inset bores. One compartment with 2, 1 inch diameter 2 inch length cavitation pump devices, aluminum for 10/32 threaded bore.

Box of expanders

Expanders: (1) assembled demo used small diameter expander with wild AC motor generator, (1) project Redstone combination turbine pump with bores for magnets (coupling or generator) for multiple applications including in situ magnetic coupling and or cavitation, (1) 3-D printed plastic turbine expander, (1) 3-D printed turbine expander or compressor metal, (1) 3-D printed finished and polished two-stage inflow bucket radio turbine, (1) solid star turbine or compressor 10 mm diameter shaft bore, (8) 10 mm slotted with shaft expander or compressor stacked geometry, (1) cavitation disc 1 inch thickness large bore with bores for magnets, (1) large diameter bore 1 inch thickness magnetic board coupling or cavitation device, (1) aluminum 10 mm bore cavitation disc or pulley disc, (5) 2 inch diameter 10 mm tesla pump or expander discs, (10) 1 inch tesla disc turbines or compressor discs.

Box of Aluminum Blocks

(2) red solid blocks machinable,

(3) short end blocks green,

(2) aluminum end blocks,

(2) center expander or pump blocks with three ports, solid block with ports, block with multiple various diameter ports,

(2) Gold Aluminum Center or pumping blocks,

(1) hybrid plastic end block for magnetic coupling,

(2) aluminum end blocks for magnetic coupling,

(4) gold aluminum bearing blocks,

(2) large diameter port gold aluminum blocks


Expanders in organizer

Items boxed up for shipment

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