Infinity Turbine Tesla Disc Pump with Interchangeable Radial Impeller

New: Infinity Tesla Disc Pump and Turbine with Radial Impeller Option

Infinity is now offering its experimental Tesla disc pump and turbine package. It also includes a radial pump/turbine impeller. This is experimental.

The 6 inch (152.4 mm) diameter disc pack can be swapped out for any type Tesla disc for optimizing pump according to liquid viscosity.

Pump discs are mounted on a keyed common shaft to a magnetic coupler which allows a outside pump motor (with magnetic coupler) or external generator.

Prototype pump discs or impellers can be 3D printed for this type of Modular Block assembly housing. Typical blocks are machined from aluminum (for pumping or expander operations) or HDPE for just pumping.

The pump housing is good for pressures lower than 300 PSI and less than 100 C. If higher pressures are desired, then a high strength material magnetic coupler block needs to be designed and manufactured (something like carbon fiber).

The unlimited manufacturing license is $10,000 USD. We also offer a complete pump frame package with all electronics and piping for a unlimited license fee of $99,000 USD.

Note: This is the same pump we'll be using for the Salgenx Saltwater Battery which will have a high demand for production in the next year. We already have about 1000 pre orders for the battery system which will be forwarded to the first manufacturer of the Salgenx system.

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