Viktor Schauberger Most Interesting Discoveries and Innovation

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger was a student of nature and more specifically water flows. He was gifted with the patient skills of observation and an appreciation of the outdoors.

His fascination of mountain streams and how water worked for the environment led to many innovations and inventions which pertain to flow control and the science of water. He realized that water flows were similar to air (just a different density) which led to his lift turbines and craft.

He was one of the first scientists to realize that water has many dimensions and structure. Water has surface tension and boundary layer mechanisms, which were revolutionary before 1900. Of course Nikola Tesla also realized this with his disc turbine around the same period.

Many of his early innovations were focussed around the transport of sawn timber and transporting and then sorting them by use of water and displacement. Back then, transporting timber from the mountains was not without problems. This was before helicopter lifts, trucks (and roads), and aerial cable lift lines.

My Starts

One of my original projects was converting shipping containers into lumber dry kilns. My first business was biomass energy. I then migrated into CO2 and turbines.

Water Anomaly 4 C

Viktor was one of the first to observe and record the water anomly point of 4 C (39.2 F). This is where water is at the maxium density (given that density varies with temperature).

Gas Turbine

In 1936 Viktor Schauberger got a patent in Austria for his air turbine. Many aspects are similar to both German and British gas turbines ( Dr Alan Arnold Griffith of the Royal Aircraft Establishment RAE in 1926) of the same era.

Frenchman Maxime Guillaume (patent filed in 1921) was the first to envision a axial flow turbojet.

Britishman Frank Whittle in 1928 submitted his ideas for a turbojet. He filed for patent in 1930 (granted in 1932). Supposedly Hans von Ohain had a similar design (later admitted to seeing the patent from Whittle) which was then developed by Ernst Heinkel, and flown as the worlds first turbojet powered aircraft in the He178. The British version was not to fly until 1941.

Commercial operation of the world’s first industrial gas turbine in Neuchâtel, Switzerland (electric power generating powerplant), in 1939, was in operation for nearly 70 years.

While the first pulsejet was patented by Russian engineer V.V. Karavodin in 1906, we'll focus on air breathing compressor versions.

The Worlds First Industrial Gas Turbine Set at GT Neuchatel

The Vortex and the Vacuum

Observation of the spiral led to many of Schaubergers vortex designs and theory.

Specifically on his lifting disc turbine design, the wavy shaped disc has slits cut on the bottom side, while the top is a smooth wave pattern on stamped metal. The theory is that the bottom slitted disc produces a vacuum from the top, and the disc is lifted upwards.

At least that is my best explanation as a turbine designer since 2008.

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