Organic Rankine Cycle Builders Guide

ORC Turbine Builders Handbook Guide

Discover the ultimate guide to building an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems.

Gain expert insights, step-by-step instructions, and valuable tips for constructing your own ORC system for renewable energy generation.

Includes plans and license to build one unit each:

• ROT 06 Turbine

• ROT 12 Turbine (and waterjet machining plans)

• IT10 System

File types included: images, pdf, dxf, stp.

Additional and bulk licenses available.

Price: $999

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IT10 System Plans

ROT 06 Turbine Plans

IT50 System Performance


Design Heat Exchangers ASME Rated Pressure - Evaporator R-245fa: 450 psi at 300 F shell side, and 150 psi 300 F on tube side. Welding procedures included. Condenser R-245fa: 450 psi at 250 F shell side, and 150 psi 250F on tube side.

Turbine may be used most efficiently at 50 kW, but may also be used for a range of turbines from 30 kW to over 100 kW.

IT50 Revenue based on gross sales or savings, not including cost of acquiring waste heat flow or pumps.

Revenue from IT50 (24 hours x 365 days per year x 50 kWh = 438,000 kWh per year):

at $.20 per kWh = $87,600 USD per year

at $.50 per kWh = $219,000 USD per year

at $1.00 per kWh = $438,000 USD per year

IT50 Build Plans

IT50 Electrical Conduit

IT50 System Control

300 kW

Modular Block Turbine Assembly

Modular Frame Building

IT10 System Plans

IT50 Software

IT10 System Plans Side View

ROT24 Turbine Rotor and Stator

IT10 Production Builds in 2013

IT50 System

IT10 Radial Turbine

IT50 System Completed

IT10 AC System

IT10 Installation Korea

IT10 Crated

IT10 ROT Turbines

ITmini Supercritical CO2 High Pressure System

Triboelectric Effect:

Infinity Turbine is also working on some new remarkable technology called TriboElectric Effect. Currently we have a patent-pending oil separation device that is used in the CO2 Fluid Extraction industry. Commonly referred to as electrostatic precipitation, Infinity discovered a way to passively generate static charge using CO2. This helps to apply a static charge to entrained oil in a gas, which allows it to adhere to the first thing it comes in contact with (collection/filter vessel).

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