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Infinity Turbine ROT Radial Outflow Turbine Plans and Licensing Available

Product and Development Focus for Infinity Turbine

ORC Turbine Builders Handbook Guide: Complete guide to building a ORC turbine. See the step-by-step guide on how to build a turbine which can run on refrigerants and make power from waste heat. Includes ROT 06 turbine plans, ROT 12 turbine plans, IT10 system plans, with a license for one build...more info click here. Buy Now $499

Salgenx: The saltwater flow battery. Store electrical and thermal energy simultaneously with Salgenx . Massive manufacturing tax credits available in the USA using our manufacturing license. This 3,000 kWh grid-scale battery is perfect for renewables like wind and solar, and also for grid balancing.

Flow Battery Technology Report: Salgenx, a renowned provider of innovative energy solutions, has recently unveiled its highly anticipated Salt Water Redox Flow Battery Technology Report.

ORC Turbine and ORC System Build Plans since 2008: All turbine plans available. Build your own brand ORC Turbines from 10 kW to 300 kW.

Renewable Energy Strategy Handbook: Complete guide to energy savings from ORC, thermal storage, heat pumps, grid rate arbitrate, and more ... $299... license to build one IT10 system plans are included click here for more info.

CavGenX. The heat pump turbine. Combining Organic Rankine Cycle with high COP and hydraulic drive options. This remarkable turbine is the next step in gas and liquid turbines... click here.

Energy Strategy Technology Guide and Handbook

Energy Strategy Technology Guide and Handbook: your ultimate resource for navigating the world of energy strategies and technologies

Buy this guide before December 31, 2023 and get a free set of IT10 build plans and license to build one system.

Discover the power of sustainable energy systems with our comprehensive guide on Organic Rankine Cycle, Thermal Storage, Heat Pump, and Energy Arbitrage. Learn how these technologies work, their benefits, and their role in maximizing energy efficiency. Explore the potential for renewable energy and energy storage, and stay ahead of the curve in the evolving landscape of sustainable solutions. Read now for a deep dive into these key components of a greener future. For business and residential use. Updated in November 2023.

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CavGenX. Heat pump turbine with one part compressor and turbine.


The Cavgenx is a heat pump turbine with the main objective to provide hydraulic pressure. That pressure can be used to drive things, like wheels, gears, machines, and even lift devices, like drones.

What makes the Cavgenx turbine unique is that its compressor is a combination of a cavitation device and magnetic induction driven on a common shaft from the turbine. A true turboshaft engine. But in this case it is closed-loop, and uses Earth friendly working fluid like closed-loop CO2.

In true a Organic Rankine Cycle, this closed-loop process takes a liquid through phase changes to generate heating, cooling, and hydraulic pressure. Liquid is spun into vapor, pressurized by heating, then evaporated and condensed back to liquid to repeat the process. Cooling is the byproduct of the cycle.


Cavgenx information...

Introducing the ROT12 Turbine Assembly within the versatile IT10 System specifically designed for biomass Organic Rankine Cycle applications

Introducing the IT10 ROT12 Radial Outflow Turbine DC Generator Harnessing Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Power Generation

10 kW System with the ROT12 Radial Outflow Turbine with DC Generator, specially crafted for the IT10 system.

Buy a completed IT10 kW system for $50,000 USD.

IT10 System Plans and Turbine Generator Plans with unlimited production license: $10,000 USD. Turbine plans come with an unlimited build license, unless part of a Technology Guide special, in which case one build is included.

Includes: Unlimited license.

• ROT 06 (radial outflow turbine blueprints)

• ROT 12 (radial outflow turbine blueprints)

• Caster Beam Blueprints

• DC and AC Generator Selection

• ORC Uses R245 Working Fluid

• IT10 Manual

• Turbine Blueprints (DXF, DWG, STP, PDF, Images)

• Waterjet files for IT12 Turbine

• Component and Assembly Drawings

• Supplier Lists (parts, feedpump, fittings, etc.)

• IT10 Performance Curves

ROT12 Turbine Only: If you own a milling machine or waterjet, you can produce the turbine for under $2,000. You can even 3D metal print the turbine (although we have found it less time consuming to machine).

Use Gruvlok fittings and a standard pipe for the housing assembly.

Revenue potential from IT10 (24 hours x 365 days per year x 10 kWh = 87,600 kWh per year):

• At a rate of $0.20 per kWh, earn $17,520 USD annually.

• At a rate of $0.40 per kWh, earn $35,040 USD annually.

• At a rate of $0.80 per kWh, earn $70,080 USD annually.

IT10 System ROT12 Turbine Generator Performance Chart (pdf)

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IT10 Information Page

IT10 System

Infinity Turbine Radial Outflow Turbine Systems Utilizing Biomass and other waste heat to make ORC power

Discover the Revolutionary Range of Infinity Turbine Products: Shaping the Future of Energy Solutions

With our plans, you can construct your own turbine, and if you desire unlimited manufacturing capabilities, you can purchase a license.

Infinity Turbine is dedicated to developing and constructing cutting-edge systems that generate power from various waste heat sources such as industrial, biomass, geothermal, solar, cloud server AI farms, and redox batteries. Additionally, we are actively involved in pioneering strategies for energy storage, production, and deployment using flow batteries.

Our ORC Turbine comprehensive package includes a production license.

Infinity Turbine Complete Product Line

Introducing the IT50 Infinity Turbine ORC System, a cutting-edge solution that harnesses waste heat to generate 50 kW of AC power. This innovative system outperforms traditional screw expanders in terms of efficiency while requiring fewer moving parts for optimal functionality.

Unlock the Power of Waste Heat with the Infinity Turbine IT50 System DC or AC Power Generation at Your Fingertips

Plans for IT50: $100,000 USD. Unlimited license.

The IT50 is designed to produce 50 kW of AC power (typically configured for a Grid-Tie connection). We have produced several IT50 systems in the past few years. They take about 6 months to complete, and can be shipped in a standard 20 ft. shipping container. Built yourself with your machine shop or assemble components via subcontractors.

Design Heat Exchangers ASME Rated Pressure - Evaporator R-245fa: 450 psi at 300 F shell side, and 150 psi 300 F on tube side. Welding procedures included. Condenser R-245fa: 450 psi at 250 F shell side, and 150 psi 250F on tube side.

Turbine may be used most efficiently at 50 kW, but may also be used for a range of turbines from 30 kW to over 100 kW.

New nano additives can increase heat exchanger efficiency.

Revenue based on gross sales or savings, not including cost of acquiring waste heat flow or pumps.

Revenue from IT50 (24 hours x 365 days per year x 50 kWh = 438,000 kWh per year):

• $.20 per kWh = $87,600 USD per year

• $.50 per kWh = $219,000 USD per year

• $1.00 per kWh = $438,000 USD per year

Add the Salgenx salt water battery storage for added savings and USA based tax credits.

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Introducing the IT250 System a powerful and efficient solution designed to meet your energy needs.

IT250 ROT ORC Empowering Sustainable Energy Generation with a 250-300 kW Waste Heat to Energy System

Plans for IT250: $100,000 USD. Unlimited license.

Introducing the IT250, a high-performance system engineered to generate 250 kW of net AC power, commonly configured for a Grid-Tie connection. We have successfully developed a single IT250 system, which typically takes approximately 6-12 months to complete. For convenient transportation, the system can be shipped in an open top 20 ft. shipping container.

To ensure top-notch quality, we collaborate with a trusted sub-contractor based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in constructing ASME certified pressure tested heat exchangers. This partnership enables us to deliver the IT250 system to any location worldwide, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

Revenue based on gross sales or savings, not including cost of acquiring waste heat flow or pumps.

Revenue from IT250 (24 hours x 365 days per year x 250 kWh = 2,190,000 kWh per year):

• $.20 per kWh = $438,000 USD per year

• $.40 per kWh = $876,000 USD per year

• $.80 per kWh = $1,752,000 USD per year

Add the Salgenx salt water battery storage for added savings and USA based tax credits.

IT ORC to Grid System Flowchart

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Grid Scale Salt Water Battery Technology

Salgenx (division of Infinity Turbine LLC) has developed a revolutionary grid-scale saltwater flow battery which also acts as a thermal battery. Available in container mounted sizes of 250 kWh, 3000 kWh, 6000 kWh, 12MWh, and 18MWh.

Lower cost and faster product access compared to Tesla Megapack, which may take two years to deliver.

Does not use any Lithium, Vanadium, or a membrane.

Using a CO2 heat pump, you can double down on the payback for this new concept of a battery which stores heat as well as power.

When combined with a ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbine, this concept is further extended to produce power, especially at oil and gas wells which have geothermal heated brine producer water. Imagine storing power at the oil well, to use to power the downhole pumps.

Grid based rate arbitrage for purchasing power during off-peak times, then using power during on-peak daylight times to save money.

Salgenx: The flow battery. Store electrical and thermal energy simultaneously with Salgenx .

Technology Review



SalgenX Grid Scale Saltwater Flow Battery

Summary of Tesla Megapack Lathrop Production Facility as of November 2023

In a November 16, 2023 interview on the Randy Kirk YouTube channel, Bradford Ferguson provided an update on Tesla's Megapack manufacturing. He visited Lathrop, California, and observed the production rate of Megapacks. In March 2023, he counted about 10 Megapacks produced per day. On a recent visit, he noted an increase to 27 per day, but estimated the actual rate to be around 18-19, occasionally dropping to 10 per day. The production capacity is believed to be 27 units per day, equating to 4 GW hours.

Ferguson identified the primary production limitations as the availability of batteries and power electronics, specifically silicon carbide. Power electronics are crucial for converting DC to AC power and include devices like gallium nitride FETs and power diodes. The cost of batteries in each Megapack is around $300,000, with the total price of a 3 MWh Megapack being approximately $1.9 million.

The interview concluded that with the resolution of battery and power electronics supply chain issues, Tesla could adopt a rapid expansion model for Megapack factories worldwide, potentially producing between 10,000 to 20,000 units annually. At full capacity (27 units per day), the output could reach 9,855 Megapacks (30 GWh) annually, yielding $18.725 billion in revenue and $9.362 billion in net profit.

Salgenx offers an alternative to the Megapack

Keep Reading…

Telsa Megpack Website

Introducing Megapack: Utility-Scale Energy Storage

Moss Landing Megapack

Progress and Applications of Seawater-Activated Batteries

Nearly 50% of the world’s population lives by the sea. Of the 17 largest cities in the world, 14 are located near the coast, and they consume most of the electricity. The required electricity is transmitted from long distances, increasing costs and reducing energy efficiency. Recently, renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, wave, and tidal energy generators have been deployed offshore and by the sea to reduce energy transmission distances. However, large-scale EES systems are necessary to provide stable electrical energy, and rechargeable seawater-activated batteries can be a better option for large amounts of electrical energy storage. It is expected that offshore and waterfront deployments of rechargeable seawater-activated batteries may be very easy, since they operate in seawater as the main battery component. (reference article below)

Energy Density Chart:

Vanadium 22-43 Wh/L

Zinc Bromine: 60-70 Wh/L

Saltwater Flow Battery: 125 Wh/L

Lithium 90-160 Wh/kg

Lithium Ion: 140-160 Wh/kg

Magnesium Flow Battery: 300-500 Wh/L

Magnesium-Air Battery (MAB) with Nanostructured Polymeric Electrodes: 545 Wh/kg

Magnesium Metal H2 Peroxide Seawater Activated Battery: 100-500 Wh/kg

Progress and Applications of Seawater-Activated Batteries (link)

Salgenx. The Saltwater Battery

TRL or Technology Readiness Level for the Salt Water Battery

TRL Technology Readiness Level for Salgenx Saltwater Battery Technology

As of March 2023, Salgenx is at TRL (graph developed by NASA to indicate readiness level of technology) somewhere above 3.

The goal of technology licensing is to work with licensee to formulate TRL 5 and TRL 6 according to system model configuration (power and volts desired for customer application).

The licensee is responsible for TRL 7 through TRL 9, where it then becomes a MRL (manufacturing readiness level).

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Salgenx Lift Pump System featuring Tesla disc pump technology for viscous fluids

Salgenx Lift Pump System

The Salgenx Lift Pump System is design to pump saltwater and viscous fluids.

For the saltwater flow battery application, it has piping and fixtures which are electrolyte material compliant to resist corrosion from environmental conditions from saltwater.

Each bulk liquid electrolyte tank will have a pump.

Salgenx Lift Pump System (pdf)

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Unlimited Build License Information

Energy storage and simultaneous desalination with Salgenx technology

A breakthrough in desalination technology has been announced today with the unveiling of a new system that uses a saltwater flow battery (BESS) cycle to produce clean drinking water from seawater. This innovative solution has been developed to create a sustainable and cost-effective way of storing energy while simultaneously producing fresh water.

The desalination system operates by using a saltwater flow battery cycle without the need for a membrane. The system can use a renewable energy source, such as solar power or large wind turbine, to charge the battery, making it both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

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Salgenx Salt Water Battery

Infinity Turbine Disc Pump which can be run Reverse as Turbine including Radial Impeller Option

New: Infinity Tesla Disc Pump and Turbine with Radial Impeller Option

Infinity is now offering its experimental Tesla disc pump and turbine package. It also includes a radial pump/turbine impeller. This is experimental.

The 6 inch (152.4 mm) diameter disc pack can be swapped out for any type Tesla disc for optimizing pump according to liquid viscosity.

Pump discs are mounted on a keyed common shaft to a magnetic coupler which allows a outside pump motor (with magnetic coupler) or external generator.

Prototype pump discs or impellers can be 3D printed for this type of Modular Block assembly housing. Typical blocks are machined from aluminum (for pumping or expander operations) or HDPE for just pumping.

The pump housing is good for pressures lower than 300 PSI and less than 100 C. If higher pressures are desired, then a high strength material magnetic coupler block needs to be designed and manufactured (something like carbon fiber).

The unlimited manufacturing license is $10,000 USD. We also offer a complete pump frame package with all electronics and piping for a unlimited license fee of $99,000 USD.

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Why Salt Water may be the Future of Batteries

There’s no shortage of solutions to the world’s need for renewable energy storage, but there is a shortage of accessible and cheap resources to use for those solutions. Lithium and vanadium aren't limitless, so what about regular, run-of-the-mill salt? Redox flow batteries, or RFBs, can exploit the abundance of elements like sodium and iron. One U.S. company already has salt water batteries ready to go, with at least two others developing iron flow variations built to effectively run on rust. They promise to last longer and be far cheaper than the competition. So, what happens if we go with the flow?

Salgenx Website

Undecided with Matt Ferrell

Why Salt Water may be the Future of Batteries

Salgenx Flow Battery Technology Report

Salgenx, a renowned provider of innovative energy solutions, has recently unveiled its highly anticipated Saltwater Redox Flow Battery Technology Report. This comprehensive report takes a deep dive into the dynamics of grid-scale flow batteries, shedding light on crucial aspects such as economics, efficiency, and deployment strategies.

With insights derived from extensive research and engineering expertise, the report offers valuable recommendations for optimizing financial viability, enhancing energy conversion efficiency, and successful deployment.

This groundbreaking resource is expected to revolutionize the understanding and adoption of grid-scale flow batteries, driving advancements in energy storage and accelerating the transition to a sustainable future.

The Salt Water Redox Flow Battery Technology Report is now available for purchase on the Salgenx website, positioning it as an essential read for industry professionals, investors, and stakeholders seeking reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly energy storage solutions.

Includes how to build a simple cell.

Salgenx Technology Report Page

Looking for strategic guidance - Give our Consulting and Analyst Services a try

Infinity Turbine LLC is delighted to introduce its comprehensive range of consulting and analyst services. With our extensive experience since 1985 in the renewable energy industry as research/development, we have successfully developed sales and marketing strategies, as well as numerous inventions and innovations.

We offer flexible consulting options, including communication via telephone, email, or other agreed-upon written media, typically email.

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Some of the many innovations from Infinity Turbine including a solid 3D print of a counter rotating turbine in one part and a cavitating compressor

Gasification of wood waste can produce bio char and other products used in battery cathodes

Unlock the potential of wood waste through the process of gasification yielding high-quality carbon suitable for battery cathodes

Gasification is a thermochemical procedure that transforms organic materials, including wood waste, into a valuable gas mixture called syngas. This process involves heating the wood waste in the presence of a controlled amount of oxygen or air, leading to the generation of volatile compounds, bio-oil, and solid residue. These byproducts can undergo additional refining to produce hard carbon or graphite, which find application in battery cathodes.

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3D Printed Metal Rotor

Price List

Price List for Infinity Turbine LLC

Updated on 6 November 2023.

Please click on the link below for the current price list.

Price list includes:

- ORC Turbine Generator Only

- CO2 ORC Complete Phase Change System

- ORC Complete System

- ORC Turbine and System Plans

- Feedpump

- Manufacturing and Licensing Package

- Feedpump Information

- Infinity Turbine Software

- Infinity Turbine Consulting with QR Code quick-order link

- Infinity Turbine GTL CO2-gas-to-liquids Experimenter Platform to convert CO2 to fuels or ethylene including QR Code quick link to website

- Consulting and Strategy Services

Soon adding Modular Block modules, prices, and database.

Price List for Infinity Turbine Products

Flying Device Lift Turbine

Meet the visionary genius of Viktor Schauberger

Discover the remarkable Viktor Schauberger, a devoted student of nature and a true connoisseur of water flows. Endowed with the gift of patient observation and a deep reverence for the outdoors, Schauberger's pioneering work revolutionized the field of flow control and the science of water.

His profound fascination with mountain streams and their integral role in the natural environment sparked numerous innovations and inventions. Recognizing the fundamental similarities between water and air, albeit with different densities, Schauberger devised ingenious lift turbines and crafts.

Well ahead of his time, Schauberger was among the first scientists to recognize the multi-dimensional nature and intricate structure of water. His understanding of water's surface tension and boundary layer mechanisms, which predates 1900, was truly revolutionary. Notably, Nikola Tesla also shared this realization with his disc turbine during a similar period.

During the early stages of his career, Schauberger focused on finding efficient ways to transport and sort sawn timber using water and displacement. At a time before the advent of helicopter lifts, trucks, roads, and aerial cable lift lines, the transportation of timber from mountainous regions posed significant challenges.

Viktor Schauberger's invaluable contributions continue to inspire and influence advancements in the understanding and utilization of water, leaving an enduring legacy in the realms of hydrodynamics and ecological engineering.

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Modular Block Configuration for Heat Pump or Tesla Turbine

Introducing the IT Mini Experimenters Kit featuring Tesla Turbine and Tesla Pump Discs to Unleash your inner experimenter and explore the fascinating world of energy with this compact and engaging kit

Infinity has always emphasized the value of starting with small prototypes and gradually scaling up to address any potential issues. In line with this philosophy, we proudly present the Modular Block Experimenters Kit, a stepping stone for entrepreneurs to validate their developments and seamlessly progress from concept to commercialized products.

This comprehensive kit equips you with a range of Tesla pump and turbine discs, carefully crafted from steel through precision stamping. These discs can be conveniently stacked on a common shaft, allowing for a multitude of experimental possibilities.

Infinity Turbine Modular Block Telsa Experimenters Kit

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Conducting experiments with flow battery electrodes to explore a novel method for graphene production.

Unleash the power of Salgenx Saltwater flow battery to create graphene

In the ongoing development of the Salgenx flow battery, electrochemistry plays a pivotal role in the process of producing graphene from exfoliated graphite. Notably, there are significant similarities in utilizing sodium (Na) for the purpose of graphene exfoliation from graphite.

Na is harvested during the Salgenx Flow Battery charging process.

Electro-Exfoliation of Graphite to Graphene in an Aqueous Solution of Inorganic Salt

For More Info…

Email: Production of Exfoliated Graphene

Search Index for Graphene

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AI Server Farm Cooling Technology, Strategies, and Plans for modular Container and Van Mounted Miner Facilities: Have cooling issues ? We have some interesting cost saving solutions including plans and consulting...

Strategy and Energy Consulting Services: System sizing, ORC payback, renewable energy strategy, PID diagrams. Crypto mining (ASIC and GPU) and energy savings... More Info

Sand Battery Sand Battery for thermal storage More Info

Waste Heat Power Technology Using ORC Organic Rankine Cycle: The ORC unit is a system based on a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle for the generation of electric and thermal power, especially suitable for distributed generation. ORC systems can generate electric and thermal power exploiting multiple sources, such as renewables (biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy, GPU waste heat), traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines. More Info

Flow Battery New designs for electric energy storage More Info

All Turbine and System Products Listing: Listing of all turbine and other Infinity Turbine machine designs. Cryptocurrency now accepted. Infinity Turbine ORC systems, turbine generator sets, build plans and more to use your waste heat from 30C to 100C. More Info

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