Waste Heat to Energy Renewable Energy ORC Turbine and Salt Flow Battery Tech

Radial Outflow Turbine ROT biomass Organic Rankine Cycle ORC turbine which we believe is more efficient and less moving parts than a screw expander and only has one moving part

Product and Development Focus for Infinity Turbine

ORC Waste Heat Turbine and ORC System Build Plans: All turbine plans are $10,000 each. This allows you to build a system and then consider licensing for production after you have completed and tested a unit.

Redox Flow Battery Technology: With the advent of the new USA tax credits for producing and selling batteries ($35/kW) we are focussing on a simple flow battery using shipping containers as the modular electrolyte storage units with tax credits up to $210,000 per system.

Our main focus is on the salt battery. This battery can be used for both thermal and electrical storage applications.

We call it the Cogeneration Battery or Cogen Battery.

One project is converting salt (brine) based water conditioners to simultaneously produce power.

In addition, there are many opportunities to extract Lithium from brine (salt lakes, groundwater, and producer water).

Salt water or brine are huge sources for lithium. Most of the worlds lithium is acquired from a brine source. It's even in seawater in a low concentration. Brine is also a byproduct of huge powerplants, which can now use that as an electrolyte and a huge flow battery (which allows storage at the source).

Introducing Salgenx the Saltwater Battery.

We welcome any business and equipment inquiries, as well as licensing our turbines for manufacturing.

Infinity Turbine Radial Outflow Turbine Systems Utilizing Biomass and other waste heat to make ORC power

Infinity Turbine Products

Infinity Turbine develops and builds systems for making power from waste heat including industrial, biomass, geothermal, solar, crypto, redox batteries, and more. We are also working on innovative strategies for storing, making, and deploying energy by use of flow batteries.

All ORC turbine and ORC system plans are $10,000 USD. This includes a license to build one set (try before you buy a production license). This allows you to economically build one turbine or system and try before you invest in a unlimited build license.

Unlimited build license packages for IT50 and larger are available.

Infinity Turbine Complete Product Line

Salt and Organic Based Redox Flow Batteries Allow Access to cost effective stationary energy storage

Salt Flow Battery

Salt battery membrane free with low cost materials below 10 USD per kWh using NaCl and organic electrolyte.

RFB (Redox flow batteries) provide affordable and scalable solutions for stationary energy storage.

Reversible redox flow battery with electrolysis of aqueous NaCl electrolyte.

We are currently developing two batteries, one which has a CO2 based electrolyte.

This type system can be used for thermal storage.

This type system can also be used to mitigate brine and producer water, typical with desalination plants and with gas and oil drilling.

Cogen Salt Battery for Utility Scale Electrical and Thermal Storage

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What is Brine ?

Flow Battery

IT50 Infinity Turbine ORC System to Utilize Waste Heat to Generate 50 kW of AC power which is more efficient than a screw expander and less moving parts

Infinity Turbine IT50 System for AC Power from Waste Heat

The IT50 is designed to produce 50 kW of AC power (typically configured for a Grid-Tie connection). We have produced several IT50 systems in the past few years. They take about 6 months to complete, and can be shipped in a standard 20 ft. shipping container. Built yourself with your machine shop, you may be able to build for less than $100,000 USD.

Design Heat Exchangers ASME Rated Pressure - Evaporator R-245fa: 450 psi at 300 F shell side, and 150 psi 300 F on tube side. Welding procedures included. Condenser R-245fa: 450 psi at 250 F shell side, and 150 psi 250F on tube side.

Turbine may be used most efficiently at 50 kW, but may also be used for a range of turbines from 30 kW to over 100 kW.

New nano additives can increase heat exchanger efficiency.

Revenue based on gross sales or savings, not including cost of acquiring waste heat flow or pumps.

Revenue from IT50 (24 hours x 365 days per year x 50 kWh = 438,000 kWh per year):

at $.20 per kWh = $87,600 USD per year

at $.50 per kWh = $219,000 USD per year

at $1.00 per kWh = $438,000 USD per year

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Modular Containerized Power and Thermal Storage Solution

Cogeneration Salt Flow Battery

Considered a hybrid between a standard flow battery and a thermal storage device, the cogen salt flow battery provides simultaneous heat or cold liquid storage as well as electrical energy storage.

The Cogen Salt Flow Battery has a variety of applications which include:

-storage of thermal energy (heating or cooling) from unused thermal resources

-storage of electrical power for backup power and grid strength

-utility grid power rate mining opportunities to store off-peak low cost power for later use during demand (on-peak) hours

-storage of thermal energy for Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power production while simultaneously storing the electrical output from the turbine generator

-using off-peak low cost power to make heating and cooling for later use

-reducing peak demand utility rates by peak energy shaving

Cogen Salt Flow Battery System

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Salgenx the Salt Water Battery

IT250 System

IT250 250-300 kW Waste Heat to Energy System

The IT250 is designed to produce 250 kW net AC power (typically configured for a Grid-Tie connection). We have produced one IT250 system in the. They take about 6-12 months to complete, and can be shipped in a open top 20 ft. shipping container.

Currently we can complete this build through our sub-contractor who builds ASME certified pressure tested heat exchangers in Toronto, Canada, and ship anywhere in the world.

Revenue based on gross sales or savings, not including cost of acquiring waste heat flow or pumps.

Revenue from IT250 (24 hours x 365 days per year x 250 kWh = 2,190,000 kWh per year):

at $.20 per kWh = $438,000 USD per year

at $.40 per kWh = $876,000 USD per year

at $.80 per kWh = $1,752,000 USD per year

IT System Flowchart

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Salt Battery and Salinity Arbitrage

Simultaneously produce soft water and power from salt based water conditioners

Salt based water conditioners and water softeners can be used for small power production making home and commercial water processing a miniature power plant. Simultaneously produce soft water and power.

For homes may only be less than a kilowatt per day, but for commercial buildings may be 175 kW or more per day.

For large desalination plants, may amount to hundreds or thousands of kilowatts of power production per day.

Cogen Battery for Utility Scale Electrical and Thermal Storage

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Brine Info


4 megawatt shipping container flow battery configuration

Modular Flow Battery Licensing Production and Sales

Home Based Flow Battery: 10-100 kW ($35,000 tax credit)

Commercial: 4 MW ($140,000 tax credit per module)

Utility Scale Bank: 400 MW ($14,000,000 tax credit per bank)

Note: The tax credit becomes effective 2023, so you have four months to get production started.

Infinity Turbine is now developing commercial scale flow batteries, based on organic electrolytes, including Curcumin and Blackseed.

The initial development will include standard membranes, and then expand into spinning disc reactor mechanical membranes instead of expensive fabrics currently used.

Cogen Battery for Utility Scale Electrical and Thermal Storage

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Flow Battery Licensing

Salgenx the Salt Water Battery

ROT12 Turbine Assembly installed in a IT10 System which can be used for biomass organic rankine cycle

IT10 ROT12 Radial Outflow Turbine DC Generator

The ROT12 Radial Outflow Turbine with DC Generator was designed for the IT10 system.

Plans for IT10 System which includes turbine and build license: $10,000 USD.

ROT12 Turbine Only: If you own a machine shop and provide your labor, your cost to machine this turbine is less than $2,000.

Plans for ROT 12 and IT10 System including build license: $10,000 USD.

Revenue based on gross sales or grid savings, not including cost of acquiring waste heat flow or pumps.

Revenue from IT10 (24 hours x 365 days per year x 10 kWh = 87,600 kWh per year):

at $.20 per kWh = $17,520 USD per year

at $.40 per kWh = $35,040 USD per year

at $.80 per kWh = $70,080 USD per year

ROT12 Performance Chart (pdf)

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Email more info on the ROT12

IT10 Information Page

IT10 System

Simultaneous brine treatment and energy storage with lithium brine mining process bonus that Tesla is patenting

What is Brine

What is brine?

In general, brine is any solution with an extremely high concentration of salts, such as sodium chloride, which can occur either naturally (as with seawater, deep-water ocean pools, salt lakes, producer water from oil and gas drilling) or as a byproduct of industry. These byproducts, or brine waste streams, are typically highly concentrated salt solutions that, in some cases, contain more than twice the amount of concentrated salts than natural brine solutions.

Brine waste streams can also be highly concentrated with total dissolved solids (TDS), such as waste streams in many chemical manufacturing processes, and they can be some of the most challenging to treat or discharge because their composition and purification requirements are dynamic and complex.

Some examples of brine waste created as a byproduct of industry include:

-cooling tower and boiler effluent

-reverse osmosis (RO) and ion exchange waste/reject streams

-produced water from extracting oil and natural gas

chlor-alkali and chemical plant waste

-acid rock and mine drainage

-food preservation and manufacturing waste streams

-desalination waste from potable water creation

irrigation runoff

Our novel solution is treating this solution considered and expensive headache, into a battery technology system.

Elon Musk and Tesla even think that recovery of lithium from brine is worth patenting. However, they are not the first to do so. (1962 Lithium from Brine Patent)

Battery Technology: With the advent of the new USA tax credits for producing and selling batteries ($35/kW) we are focussing on a simple flow battery using shipping containers as the modular electrolyte storage units with tax credits up to $140,000 per system. We are focussing on the salt battery. This battery can be used for both thermal and electrical storage applications. We call it the Cogeneration Battery or Cogen Battery.

We are also looking into converting salt based water conditioners to simultaneously produce power.

Seawater battery desalination with a reverse osmosis membrane for simultaneous brine treatment and energy storage

Everything You Should Know About Saltwater Batteries

Tesla patent reveals Elon Musk’s table salt lithium extraction process that could slash costs

Recovery of Lithium from Brines from 1962

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Price list includes:

- ORC Turbine Generator Only

- CO2 ORC Complete Phase Change System

- ORC Complete System

- ORC Turbine and System Plans

- Feedpump

- Manufacturing and Licensing Package

- Feedpump Information

- Infinity Turbine Software

- Infinity Turbine Consulting with QR Code quick-order link

- Infinity Turbine GTL CO2-gas-to-liquids Experimenter Platform to convert CO2 to fuels or ethylene including QR Code quick link to website

- Consulting and Strategy Services

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Updated on 11 October 2022.

Price List for Infinity Turbine Products

Try our Consulting and Analyst Services if you need Strategy

Infinity Turbine LLC is pleased to announce its consulting and analyst services. We have worked in the renewable energy industry as a researcher, developing sales and markets, along with may inventions and innovations.

Sold as-is and provided on a best efforts basis. All time is documented and a summary log will be provided when requested. Unused credit may be used for a period of six months after invoice date. Consulting is provided via telephone, email, or other media as agreed to in writing (email). Minimum billing is 30 minutes, so it is recommended to have questions, support, and consulting for at least that period of time. References available.

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Biomass Energy Waterwide Solid Fuel Gasifier Using Wood Wastes to Make Heat which can be used for direct fired drying and providing a high grade heat source for ORC biomass organic rankine cycle

Waste Heat to Energy

List of selected waste heat to energy publications.

Waste Heat to Energy is a renewable energy field which deploys technology to utilize industrial, commercial, and home based heat which would otherwise be unused, to make power. Since much of the quality of this heat is low, efficiency to capture and convert to power is also low. This makes the most sense (payback) where utility (grid-based) power rates are at or above $.15 per kwh.

Waste Heat to Energy Publications

Waste Heat Turbine Generator • Combined Cycles • Oil and Gas • Low Temperature CHP • Large Heat Pump • Gas Expander • Geothermal ORC • Biomass Organic Rankine Cycle • Waste to Energy • Concentrated Solar Power


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The popular thermal storage TES Sand Battery is a good option for homes and large thermal storage.

Trending: With huge energy price increases in the UK (trending up as much as $.75 per kWh) thermal and electricity self generation are becoming more relevant, with emphasis on payback. Heat pump development is now towards smaller systems which can be used for electric vehicle battery range extending, as well as electric aviation. This is why we are focussed on our CO2 closed loop turbine heat pump and now provide a Gas Leverage Turbine Experimenters Kit .

Heat Pumps: We believe that heat pumps are the future for heating, cooling, sand battery charging, as well as propulsion systems, which allow us to leverage environmental thermal sinks. Our Gas Leverage Turbine is an example of combining many technologies to work as one.


Modular Block Configuration for Tesla Pump or Tesla Turbine can be used for compressed air or pressurized orc using multiple refrigerant working fluids including CO2

IT Mini Experimenters Kit With Tesla Turbine and Tesla Pump Discs

Infinity has long been promoting building small prototypes and then numbering up to scale up, thereby eliminating most larger to-scale issues. The modular block experimenters kit allows entrepreneurs a gateway to verify development and then provide a methodology to evolve concepts to commercialized products.

The experimenters kit provides multiple Tesla pump and turbine discs (stamped out of steel) which can be stacked on a common shaft for experiments.

Telsa Experimenters Kit

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Experimental Saltwater Battery Cell Demo Cart

Experimental Saltwater Battery Cell Demo Cart

Experimental Saltwater Battery Demo Cell Cart.

Pricing: $99,000 (built to order)

Purchase price is deductible from License fee.

Shipping and handling included to any USA lower 48 location. Includes crate, freight, and shipping insurance. Crate is designed for domestic freight only. International freight requires all-inclusive heat treated wood (optional cost).

Purpose: Infinity Turbine LLC and Salgenx Saltwater Cell is a demonstrator to show saltwater as a battery. This is a one cell unit for demonstration purposes only.

Volts: Cell voltage may be adjusted anywhere ranging from .5-1.8 volts.

Electrolyte Liquid Storage: 2 Liter.

Electrode Assembly: Basic electrode design. This is not the licensed modular electrode for the 3,000 kW system, but a basic version to show that the process works. The modular electrode modular block housing allows you to experiment with other catalysts if desired.

Construction: Cart mounted with industrial powder coated caster beams with heavy duty 5 inch swivel casters (fits through any standard hallway, elevator, or doorway). Unit measures approximately 24 x 48 x 56 inches.

How it Works: Circulation pumps allow the liquid electrolytes to be in a continuous closed-loop flow from the storage tanks. A vertical mounted optionally heated assembly allows you to experiment with heating the saltwater liquid flow to simulate thermal storage features.

Multiple sight ports are provided in the modular block electrode assembly which allow you to see inside the electrode. Typically you put a flashlight on one side which allows light to pass through to the other view port so you can see the process. The modular block construction comes with quick release 3/8 inch bolts which allow you to quickly change the electrodes. System includes a powered vent hood for venting to outside (customer supplied vent ducting).

Adjustable System Parameters and Sensing Meters:

- thermal temperature control for flow

- flow rate for electrolytes

- DC power in

- DC power out

- Voltage regulator input

- Voltage resistance for output

- Solution salinity for saltwater electrolyte

- Counter electrolyte liquid options

- Volt/Amp meter

- pH meter

- scales

Uses: Showing saltwater as part of a electrochemical cell for storing electricity.

Cart Power: 110-120 V 60 hz.

What is Included:

- 24 x 48 x 56 inch professionally powder coating caster beam cart with 5 inch swivel casters

- Aluminum structural horizontal supports

- Caster beams and support use standardized 3/8 inch bolts

- HDPE work table top, bottom, and vertical surface, which allow quick attach points to hold components securely to frame

- Vertical mounted heat banded filter vessel with input and exit ports to allow experimentation with thermal storage in saltwater .


- Motor controller (110V to DC)

- Heat band controller

- DC motor drive

- Aluminum and HDPE modular block assembly housing with 3/8 quick release bolts, including multiple view ports, sensor ports, input and exit ports (reversible)

- Hoses

- Configurable modular block electrode housing assembly

- Professionally built crate

- Power: standard USA 110V power cable included

Email: Experimental Saltwater Demo Cart

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Turbine and System Plans CAD CAM $10,000: Special for this month, any plans are $10,000 for complete Cad/Cam blueprints. License is for one build. Try before you buy a production license. Products Page... More Info

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Strategy and Energy Consulting Services: System sizing, ORC payback, renewable energy strategy, PID diagrams. Crypto mining (ASIC and GPU) and energy savings... More Info

Sand Battery Sand Battery for thermal storage More Info

Waste Heat Power Technology Using ORC Organic Rankine Cycle: The ORC unit is a system based on a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle for the generation of electric and thermal power, especially suitable for distributed generation. ORC systems can generate electric and thermal power exploiting multiple sources, such as renewables (biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy, GPU waste heat), traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines. More Info

Infinity Turbine ROT Radial Outflow Turbine 24 Design and Worldwide Rights: NFT for the ROT 24 energy turbine. Be part of the future with this NFT. Can be bought and sold but only one design NFT exists. Royalties go to the developer (Infinity) to keep enhancing design and applications... More Info

Flow Battery New designs for electric energy storage More Info

All Turbine and System Products Listing: Listing of all turbine and other Infinity Turbine machine designs. Cryptocurrency now accepted. Infinity Turbine ORC systems, turbine generator sets, build plans and more to use your waste heat from 30C to 100C. More Info

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