Waste Heat to Energy and Renewable Energy by Infinity Turbine

NFT Technology Start-up Initiative

Infinity is currently seeking investors to start-up a technology NFT workspace (website) which allows holders of designs and technology to register, deploy, and monetize their work.

This could be complimentary to the patent system, but would provide an alternative for a fast-to-market alternative for developers allowing them to gain access to leases, royalties, reselling, renting, and other income options.

We would like to deploy the following quickly:

- start-up company as the technology handler for NFTs

- website

- Staking and blockchain algorithms including mining via Filemaker (database)

- Trading post for real equipment based on NFTs

From Ethereum: NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. They let us tokenise things like art, collectibles, even real estate. They can only have one official owner at a time and they're secured by the Ethereum blockchain – no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence. NFT stands for non-fungible token. Non-fungible is an economic term that you could use to describe things like your furniture, a song file, or your computer. These things are not interchangeable for other items because they have unique properties. NFTs give the ability to assign or claim ownership of any unique piece of digital data, trackable by using Ethereum's blockchain as a public ledger. An NFT is minted from digital objects as a representation of digital or non-digital assets.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) Explained (website link)

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Email: NFT Start-up

Contact TEL: +1 608-238-6001

NFT Publications

NFT (or non fungible token) is now part of the Infinity Turbine Eco System as they are offering designs as a unique licensing vehicle versus the legacy patent process

NFT Designs For Sale

Infinity is now offering its turbine and system designs as a NFT as a first in the industry to enter its develop turbine development programs as part of the Ethereum blockchain arena.

The program offered by Infinity will initially be their own products, but will rapidly expanding into a clearinghouse of any tech NFT product (development, design, equipment, CO2 credits, and more).

Infinity Turbine IT XR Project Redstone NFT For Sale on OpenSea

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Infinity Turbine IT XR Project Redstone Design

Infinity Turbine ROT Radial Outflow Turbine 24 Design and Worldwide Rights

Infinity Supercritical CO2 10 Liter Extractor Design and Worldwide Rights

Infinity Turbine 50 kW Radial Outflow Turbine IT50 Skid

Introducing the Infinity Turbine Products

Infinity Turbine develops and builds systems for making power from waste heat. It also is working on innovative strategies for storing, making, and deploying energy.

Infinity is now accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for the plans and other purchases.

Please see our complete product line by clicking on the link below.

All turbine and system plans are $10,000 USD. This includes a license to build one set. Unlimited build license packages are available. This allows you to economically build one turbine or system and try before you invest in a unlimited build license.

These include Organic Rankine Cycle and CO2 Rankine Cycle. The ROT (radial outflow turbine) operates on a single rotor with multiple stages to direct drive a 50/60 hz AC generator, no gearbox required, and is optimal for Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) applications.

• Producing The World's Smallest CO2 Rankine Cycle Demonstrator

• Use 95 Percent Of The Worlds Available Waste Heat For Fuel Source

• Turbine and Maker Plans Download

• Developing EFA Electrostatic Turbine

• Developing TriboElectric Power - No Moving Parts

Infinity Turbine Complete Product Line

Waste Heat Recovery • Combined • Cycles • Oil and Gas • Low Temperature CHP • Large Heat Pump • Gas Expander • Geothermal • Biomass • Waste to Energy • Concentrated Solar Power

News for Infinity Turbine

All turbine and system plans are $10,000 USD. This includes a license to build one set. Unlimited build license packages are available. This allows you to economically build one turbine or system and try before you invest in a unlimited build license.

Adding Bitcoin mining resources for dealing with waste heat and innovative cooling concepts.

Now accepting Bitcoin for purchases.

Infinity Turbine News

Stranded Gas to Power, Heated Fluid, and Refrigeration

Oil Producers: Use your stranded gas heat to generate power, hot water, and refrigeration

Producing oil and flaring gas ? Need to use that heat for something for local or Federal regulations ?

We may have the perfect solution.

A. Solid State Power: Using Thermoelectric Devices (or Thermoelectric Generators TEG), we can convert heat into DC power. That is put through a inverter for 3-phase AC power which you can use directly. These energy harvesters take heat and make power, without any moving parts. Up to 12 percent efficiency and up to 800C heat available (higher temperatures = more cost).

B. Hot Water: Using heat exchangers, convert flare gas or hot producer water to a liquid for use of heat, or cooling.

C. Absorption Chillers: Absorption chillers are often exhaust fired using thermal energy recovered from

D. Zeolites: Zeolites give you the option of 24 hour liquid heating for cooking, water sterilization, or small amounts of hot water for heat. They can be recharged using the heat from your flare gas. The primary advantage of using Zeolites is the ability to have long term latent heat storage, which can be used any time of the day. Zeolites need to be stored in airtight and watertight containers. Zeolites can be recharged with the latent heat using any heat source between 130-250

E. Gas Turbine: The most efficient (up to 29 percent) use of your stranded gas is via a Capstone Turbine with power from 65 kW to 1,000 kW modules, that can be stacked together.

F. Bitcoin Mining: The most interesting use of stranded gas to power is for Cryptocurrency mining.

Please email or call us (TEL: 608-238-6001) for more information, consulting, or equipment costs.

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Email: Stranded Gas Solutions for Oil and Gas Producers

Global Microturbine Stranded Gas Solutions

Stranded Gas Solutions and Strategies

IT50 Infinity Turbine ORC System to Utilize Waste Heat to Generate 50 kW

Infinity Turbine IT50 System for AC Power from Waste Heat

The IT50 is designed to produce 50 kW of AC power (typically configured for a Grid-Tie connection). We have produced several IT50 systems in the past few years. They take about 6 months to complete, and can be shipped in a standard 20 ft. shipping container.

Currently we can complete this build through our sub-contractor who builds ASME certified pressure tested heat exchangers in Toronto, Canada, and ship anywhere in the world.

Design Heat Exchangers ASME Rated Pressure - Evaporator R-245fa: 450 psi at 300 F shell side, and 150 psi 300 F on tube side. Welding procedures included. Condenser R-245fa: 450 psi at 250 F shell side, and 150 psi 250F on tube side.

Turbine may be used most efficiently at 50 kW, but may also be used for a range of turbines from 30 kW to over 100 kW.

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Need Strategy? Use our Consulting and analyst services

Infinity Turbine LLC is pleased to announce its consulting and analyst services. We have worked in the renewable energy industry as a researcher, developing sales and markets, along with may inventions and innovations.

Sold as-is and provided on a best efforts basis. All time is documented and a summary log will be provided when requested. Unused credit may be used for a period of six months after invoice date. Consulting is provided via telephone, email, or other media as agreed to in writing (email). Minimum billing is 30 minutes, so it is recommended to have questions, support, and consulting for at least that period of time. References available.

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2021 Price List Updated 29 July 2021 with QR code quicklinks for SmartPhone

Price List For Infinity Turbine Core Products and Services

Please click on the link below for the current price list.

Price list includes:

- ORC Turbine Generator Only

- CO2 ORC Complete Phase Change System

- ORC Complete System

- ORC Turbine and System Plans

- Feedpump

- Manufacturing and Licensing Package

- Feedpump Information

- Infinity Turbine Software

- Infinity Turbine Consulting with QR Code quick-order link

- Infinity Turbine GTL CO2-gas-to-liquids Experimenter Platform to convert CO2 to fuels or ethylene including QR Code quick link to website

- Consulting and Strategy Services

Updated on 7/29/2021

Price List for Infinity Turbine Products

IT Micro Redstone 3D Metal Turbine with Counter-rotating Pump

IT Micro Redstone 3D Metal Turbine with Counter-rotating Pump

The goal of the Redstone project was to incorporate all moving and rotating functions into one component. This is done by using a layered up rotating assembly, or 3D printed in metal or cast carbon fiber.

Expander (turbine): CO2, ORC, Rankine Cycle, refrigerants, CO2, compressed air, water

Compressor (pump): water, CO2, air, refrigerants

Shaft Free: Turbine assembly is the shaft (magnetic bearings or perimeter bearings).

Cavitation Disc: Can be used for making fluids go supercritical (ex. CO2), or can be plugged with magnets to produce induction heating.

History: The Redstone project was made into 3D printed metal (sintered) steel. What we found was that larger parts tended to lose tolerance as the parts grew in size, so the turbine was designed at 2 inches or less in diameter and turned to true for high speed rotational tolerance. The housing castings needed to be machined to tolerance on the inside and trued for surface mounting.

Final Project: The project was printed by X-One when the larger housing tolerance problems were found. We received boxes of these castings, which were ultimately thrown away. A few surviving parts remain (which are solid metal and extremely heavy). There are a total of three parts, which reduces build time and has a huge time savings from standard metal machining. Ultimately, the best method we found (most cost effective and fast) was cutting basic parts with a waterjet, then layering up for 3D effect, and to achieve the internal chamber structure (complex counter-rotating screws).

Plans and licensing available.

IT Micro Redstone (pdf)

For More Info…

Email: IT Micro Redstone

NFT Publications

ROT12 Turbine Assembly installed in a IT10 System

ROT12 Radial Outflow Turbine DC Generator

The ROT12 Radial Outflow Turbine with DC Generator was designed for the IT10 system.

Plans: $10,000 USD.

Fully built ROT12: $16,000 USD.

Includes crate and insured surface shipment to North America, and an additional 10 kW PMA generator.

ROT12 Performance Chart (pdf)

For More Info…

Email more info on the ROT12

Infinity Turbine IT10 Waste Heat to Energy System

About Infinity Turbine LLC

Waste Heat Power: For years we've been hearing requests from customers who would like to use their waste heat to generate power, both on land and marine applications.  To meet that demand, we formed Infinity Turbine LLC in 2008 and developed the IT10, the worlds first production 10 kw ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) waste heat to power generator.

New developments in CO2 Brayton Cycle may allow efficiencies to reach 30-50 percent. This is a huge increase from the legacy ORC process which has a system efficiency (bottoming cycle) of 5-15 percent).

We now offer a CO2 Turbine Development Platform for educators and energy developers.

About Infinity Turbine

Infinity Turbine 1 MW ROT Turbine with Two Stages

1 MW Infinity Turbine Dual Turbine Module

Infinity Turbine now has available blueprints for a 1 megawatt ORC radial outflow turbine.

Infinity Turbine Complete Product Line

Fast Vacuum Table

Fast Vacuum Table

The Infinity Turbine vacuum table is designed for vacuum bagging materials and evacuating air. This process can be used for drying small wood parts, clamping (for glueing), hold-down, vacuum bagging for fiberglass or carbon fiber, removing excess glue or moisture, and even hooked up to a rigid chamber for vacuum drying small quantities of lumber. Plans for the vacuum table are $199.00 and a unlimited production license is available for $4,999.00 (you may put your own brand name on the unit with a license).

Infinity Vacuum Table (pdf)

For More Info…

Email: Vacuum Table Inquiry

Infinity Turbine GTL Gas to Liquids Module for converting CO2 to fuels and plastics

Infinity Turbine GTL Module Experimenters Platform

Infinity is now offering an experimenters platform for those who wish to develop liquid or gas CO2 to plastics and alcohol fuels. Inputs: CO2, H20, DC electricity, and Nafion or other membrane catalysts.

Our journey into CO2 to fuels started in 2004 along with John Stevens (investor) when we started Ocean Ethanol LLC. Back then we looked at using a Fischer Tropsch catalyst to convert CO2 and H2 into fuel grade ethanol and methanol. Hydrogen was problematic (too expensive to produce) so we looked at reversing a methanol fuel cell (electrolyzer). The project was shelved in 2005. But with renewed interest in the XPrize, we are now looking at adapting our developed Supercritical CO2 Systems to work with a reverse fuel cell (RFC) using Nafion.

Infinity Turbine GTL Module (pdf datasheet)

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Supercritical CO2 can treat Nafion for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Supercritical CO2 to treat Nafion for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Supercritical carbon dioxide treatment was used to enhance performance of NR212. The microstructure of NR212 membranes was reorganized after the Sc-CO2 treatment. The treated NR212 membranes showed higher proton conductivity than Nafion 117. The treated NR212 membranes showed lower methanol permeability than Nafion 117. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) performance of the treated NR212 membranes was better than Nafion 117 (2012). The Nafion-grafted-polystyrene sulfonic acid (N-g-pssa) exhibits higher ion conductivity and lower methanol permeability than that of Nafion 115. The N-g-pssa membranes are tested as electrolytes in a direct methanol fuel cell. Compared with the as-received NR212 membranes, all the Sc-CO2 treated NR212 membranes show higher proton conductivity and better capacity of barrier to methanol crossover. From Fenton test, it can be found that the Sc-CO2 treated NR212 membranes have better chemical stability than that of NR212 membranes. Therefore, NR212 membranes treated by the Sc-CO2 method may be promising candidate electrolytes for DMFC applications (2020).

Email: Investor for Reverse Fuel Cell CO2 to Alcohol Questions

Innovative Reverse Fuel Cell Converts Waste CO2 Into Valuable Chemicals 10x Faster (note: Infinity did this in 2004)

XPrize for Carbon Removal

CO2 Cavitation Device Used for Pumping and Sonochemistry Experiments

Producing Alcohol from Liquid CO2

Infinity has already built lots of closed-loop supercritical CO2 systems, and experimented with CO2 cavitation to make a one-moving-part liquid CO2 pump.

Infinity currently sells a cart-mounted portable on-demand supercritical CO2 phase change system for $150,000 which can be used for the experiments listed below, along with many others. It is a cart which was designed to fit through any standard door, hallway, or elevator and has heaving duty casters for mobility.

We are currently looking for funding to develop the following:

1. On-Demand CO2 to Alcohol: Using our closed-loop liquid CO2 phase change system, adding Nafion in the process to make alcohol. Inputs: Liquid CO2, water, and electricity. About 3-4 kW to make a liter of alcohol (from lab experiments).

2. CO2 to Alcohol with In-Situ Power Generation: Using our closed-loop supercritical CO2 phase change system, produce the power via miniature CO2 turbine generator of static electricity generator (SEG) to power the conversion via Nafion.

3. Spin-To-Liquid (STL): A novel one-step approach to producing alcohol from liquid CO2 using a cavitation device with Nafion. This is a one-moving-part device employing sonochemistry with inputs of water and liquid CO2. Electricity is produced in-situ. Shaft rotation is required to spin the device (this can be done via a electric motor, pressure expanding turbine, or other shaft rotation such as a wind turbine).

You can further our efforts by buying our $150,000 systems (which we build - and have four in stock) or by considering an investment to fund our development.

Teaser: Why was Nikola Tesla so fascinated with static electricity and spinning discs ? Our guess is that he had already found the worlds best battery - water. The Tesla turbine (while a fascinating pump) was actually a static electricity generator originally designed to charge water. All of his Colorado Springs experiments revolved around static electricity. Power generation and (wireless) transportation was via static electricity.

The New Chemistry of Fuel Cells (pdf download)

Email: Investor for Reverse Fuel Cell CO2 to Alcohol Questions

Innovative Reverse Fuel Cell Converts Waste CO2 Into Valuable Chemicals 10x Faster (note: Infinity did this in 2004)

Now Accepting Bitcoin for plans and other purchases

Now Accepting Bitcoin

Infinity is now accepting Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

We also provide consulting to make your miner more profitable by deploying better HVAC and power strategies.

Bitcoin Mining

Search Crypto Publications

GTL gas to liquids processor module taking CO2, water and electricity to make fuels

CO2 to Fuels Experimental Developer Platform Processor

The purpose of this platform is to provide experimentation and development of novel gas to liquids (GTL) technologies for the utilization and mitigation of carbon dioxide.

Infinity is now providing experimental platforms for developing modular cart mounted GTL (gas to liquids) fuel processing from CO2. Using Nafion or similar catalysts (available in sheets, tubes, pellets, and more), the inputs are CO2, water, and electricity to make alcohol (ethanol, methanol, and butanol). The selectivity of the output will depend on your formula for the inputs and catalyst.

The Infinity GTL Processor allows you to adjust the flow of CO2, water, and electricity. The platform also allows you to incorporate and modulate in-situ power production, static electricity generation (SEG), and other unique functions.

The processor platform is available in a completed cart or parts in kit form for developers who want to configure their own system.

Gas to Liquids Processor Module (pdf)

For More Info…

ROT Rotor Assembly

Waste Heat to Energy:

List of selected waste heat to energy publications.

Waste Heat to Energy is a renewable energy field which deploys technology to utilize industrial, commercial, and home based heat which would otherwise be unused, to make power. Since much of the quality of this heat is low, efficiency to capture and convert to power is also low. This makes the most sense (payback) where utility (grid-based) power rates are at or above $.15 per kwh.

Keywords: wood pellets, silo, smoldering fire, explosion, carbon dioxide, static electricity, steam, electrostatic charge, supercritical CO2, subcritical CO2, liquid CO2, lithium ion battery electrolytes, lithium ion battery, recycling, radial turbine design, waste heat recovery, Wasteheat,heatrecovery,thermoelectricgenerator,electricitygeneration, tribo effect, TENG, Triboelectricity, triboelectric materials, thickness layer,contact surface area, Organic Rankine Cycle, Power Generation, Energy System, Design, Build, Capstone Turbine, Microturbine, Binary Power Plant, Organic Rankine Cycle, Matching and Optimization, Two-phase Geothermal Resources, High Enthalpy, Recuperator, Geothermal Comb

Waste Heat to Energy Publications


Publications for selected topics including:

- Producing power from waste heat

- Nikola Tesla Patents (complete set)

- Graphene super capacitor

- ROT | Radial Outflow Turbine

- Electronic Turbine | static plasma wings and plasma | electronic turbine propulsion | acoustics | electric propulsion ion and hall thrusters | jet propulsion by microwave air plasma | plasma actuators hingeless aerodynamic control uav and drones

Publications for Waste Heat to Energy | Graphene | ROT | Nikola Tesla Patents | Electronic Turbine Propulsion

Infinity Turbine Makers and Inventors Resources

Inventors Resource Page

This section host tools for inventors and innovators that Infinity has developed. We have been using Filemaker since 1992 as a way to organize data. We will make available drawing downloads (CAD/CAM) and Filemaker Solution downloads. Our concept platforms are based on using organization provided by Filemaker.

​A Filemaker solution organizes thoughts and ideas, while providing a robust platform to present those ideas, and test theoretical solutions. All downloads are copyrighted by Infinity Electrostatics LLC. You may use the download for personal use, but not redistribute, resell, or make money from them, unless you have written permission or a license from Infinity Electrostatics LLC.

​To open and read a Filemaker solution, which we have available for download, you will need a copy of the Filemaker software for your computer, or a Filemaker Go app, for your iPhone, or iPad. The Filemaker Go app is free. Most of our Filemaker solutions are unlocked, which allows you to change layouts, make new fields, tables, etc. Some of our files have guest permission to read data only. If you would like a full access file, please contact us.

Makers and Inventors Resource Page

Diesel Generator ORC Power Produced in kW

Utilizing waste heat from Diesel Generators to make free power.

Taking waste heat from diesel generators can produce free power in a Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system. The sources of waste heat are engine cooling (replacing large coolant system fan) and stack exhaust which is normally waste heat to the atmosphere.

The ORC does require a cool liquid condenser flow, but generally can utilize the waste heat from the diesel engine to provide 28 percent savings. Generally a 500 kW diesel or larger are prime candidates for utilizing waste heat to make power. Those savings may be greater than $200,000 USD per year for a 500 kW or larger generator running 24/7.

Exhaust to Power: With an additional waste heat to thermal oil heat exchanger, you can capture the diesel exhaust from the pipe to supply heat to the Infinity turbine. This is about 40 percent of total fuel savings as shown in chart below.

Coolant to Power: Pipe straight to the Infinity turbine. This is about 32 percent of total fuel savings as shown in chart below.

Diesel Generator ORC Waste Heat Power Available

electric motor and coil developers kit for 3D printers

Infinity Turbine Maker and Sample Plans Download

Infinity Turbine is offering some of its technology and designs for one-off 3D printing or building for non-commercial use. These include the Tesla Valve, Milling Machine Jig, Electric Motor and Coil Developers Kit, and Magnetic Gear Reduction Coupling Device. Others will be added soon. This gives you some idea of the structure or the Cad/Cam plans we offer for sale.

Maker and Plans Download Page

Surplus CO2 Supercritical Phase Change Developers Cart

Surplus Parts and Systems for Sale

Surplus for sale including full systems, turbines, parts, Swagelok stainless steel fittings, and more...

For More Info…

Email: Surplus for sale

Sea Merlin Engine for CO2 Removal Using Infinity Turbine Develoment


$100 MILLION Prize Purse: XPRIZE Carbon Removal is aimed at tackling the biggest threat facing humanity - fighting climate change and rebalancing Earth’s carbon cycle. Funded by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation, this $100M competition is the largest incentive prize in history, an extraordinary milestone.‎ Any carbon negative solution is eligible: nature-based, direct air capture, oceans, mineralization, or anything else that achieves net negative emissions, sequesters CO2 durably, and show a sustainable path to achieving low cost at gigatonne scale.

Our Strategy: Harvest CO2 from the most plentiful source, the sea (where CO2 is most concentrated). This is done by a new gas leverage turbine called the Sea Merlin Engine.

Sea Merlin Engine

Email: XPrize for CO2 Removal Info


Infinity Turbine: Ground Power Unit GPU Lithium Remote Power Generator - Stand Alone Power

Infinity Turbine: Ground Power Unit GPU Lithium Remote Power Generator - Stand Alone Power

Infinity Turbine is developing a home based GPU (ground power unit) that is based on lithium batteries. This cart mounted system is easy to move around to the jobsite, home, mobile, or marine. Hook up your PV panels, wind generator, backup generator, or grid power to charge.

Visit our videos page with link below...

YouTube Video Link Here (or watch embedded below)

For More Info…

YouTube Channel for Infinity Turbine

Infinity Turbine Videos on this site

bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Mining

Profitable bitcoin mining focusses on lower energy costs while increasing efficiencies to reduce costs to gain access to profit.

We are developing a Filemaker solution application which allows you to enter in costs to plan before starting your operation for ROI (payback). This includes variables such as miner speed (to figure out puzzle), electricity costs, cooling costs, and other items (many of which you can add as custom components).

A typical bitcoin miner will gross about $8 per day. That is before costs such as electricity. As you can see, trying to make money using this process will involve deploying multiple miners (many buy buildings and fill them with miners).

Tentative pricing on the miner ROI app will be $99 for the basic version, $499 for the commercial version (which is highly customizable).

Bitcoin Mining

Silver Nanoparticle production using SDR

Silver Nanoparticle Production $14 per gram from botanical sources

Spinning Disc Reactor for Nanoparticle Production to make $24 million per year

For the full review, please download our pdf: 20190425-infinity-supercritical-sdr-nanoparticle-review (see link below).

Spinning Disc Reactors, or SDRs, are a very new type of processing unit that has had new applications discovered every year.

A big field of interest as of lately has been process intensification which is a design approach that focuses on smaller, cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient processes. One design that has received considerable attention as of late has been the spinning disc reactor (SDR). Its basic design includes one or more liquid streams being flowed onto a quickly rotating disc.

The centrifugal acceleration from the rotation creates a very thin liquid film which significantly heightens the mass transfer and micro-mixing ability of the liquid streams. It also is a continuous feed reactor which can be applied to many processes that have relied on large volume and high residence time designs like batch or continuously stirred tank reactors (CSTR).

While the SDR can be used for many different processes, it excels greatly in a specific few. These include processes that rely on precipitation and uniformly mixed reactants. These traits allow for SDRs to be used in the bottom-up production of nanoparticles, where particles are created through nucleations and subsequently crystal growth. This is where batch reactors and CSTRs aren’t as easily applied due to their high volumes and lack of sufficient mixing ability. “Top-down” processing where bulk material is ground down into nanoparticles is typically avoided when trying to achieve nanoparticles of a certain size and narrow size distribution due to the lack of control over the process.

In 2010, the global market for quantum dots was low, sitting at $67 million [27]. It was projected to have an amazing 59.3% compound annual growth rate, which was mostly realized and by 2016 it has become a $610 million global market (with the estimated CAGR it was predicted to reach $670 million by 2015) [28]. The current growth rate is estimated at 41.3% now for 2016 to 2021, predicting the global market to reach $3.4 billion by 2021 [28].

Both silver and titanium dioxide nanoparticles have a realized and open market to enter with predicted growth and new applications coming out consistently. The cost to produce the materials is rather low and the production ability seems high enough, especially with silver, that a company could actively pursue using an SDR to produce the nanoparticles with success. Since the proof of concept and idea is already detailed, there would be a low cost of entry into these markets as well. The revenue from such could be used to support R and D into quantum dots or pharmaceutical nanoparticles.

Strategy: (prices updated on 5 January 2021)

Silver Nano Particles Production at $14.25/gram Sell Price ($285/20/ml):

[Note: these are 2017 figures. For 2021 double the figures below.] If silver nanoparticles of 99% purity or higher can be produced anywhere in the range of 10 nm – 40 nm, they can be sold at a wholesale price of $3+ a gram ($6/gram in 2021). To undercut the market to allow for entry I assumed a price of $2 a gram ($4/gram in 2021). This comes out to be about $24 million a year in revenue for 2017 ($48 million in 2021). As seen in Table 15, this comes out to about $12 million a year in profit for 2017 ($24 million a year for 2021). Referencing Section 2.21, a producer with the production rate would have a 1.56 percent market share of the global market.

Infinity Turbine Nanoparticle Production

Carrier 19xr into PureCycle 280

PureCycle 280 Evolution

The Generation 1 ORC utilized near-off-the-shelf components without modification. The expander was a Carrier 19XR225 centrifugal compressor running with reverse flow and the condenser was a pair of Carrier 09DK094 air cooled condensers.

Infinity Turbine built a similar system, but found that the aluminum compressor blades failed as an expander, so we made that out of stainless steel. There were other common sense inherencies which probably doomed the systems to market failure.

PureCycle 280 Information

Filemaker Software

Need to get organized ? We are now making available our software apps to travel bloggers. Based on Filemaker platform (Mac, Windows, and Mac IOS Filemaker Go), we have developed some industry specific apps that will increase your efficiency, reduce time, and give you valuable heads-up time.

Need an App Developed ? We are database experts, and have developed software solutions for desktop computers, and IOS devices using the FileMaker platform.

For Developers:

Filemaker Database Platform: Filemaker Website

Filemaker Mobile Platform: iPhone, iPad, IOS Website

Filemaker Plug-in: Extend Filemaker Capabilities with Monkey Bread Software Plug-insSoftware for iPhone, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows with Xojo, C/C++/Objective-C, AppleScript, Java, Perl, PHP and HTML. Monkeybread Software uses Xojo for software development. Along with a few free and shareware titles, we offer custom software development and plug-ins for FileMaker, Xojo, Real Studio and REALbasic.

FileMaker Database Solutions To Get Organized

Using QR codes is good for machines, pdf, and websites for quick access to sites.

New Web Site Format

This website will be the first test of our new Millenium Web Engine, which is based on using a Filemaker (Claris) database backbone.

The primary goal is to build a website using semantics specifically referenced by Google (metatags and proper page building), so that their search spiders and page ranking derive better results.

Part of this initiative is building a business around .pdf documents and QR codes, so that customers can easily reference website pages for additional information, including order products and services. The strategy is function over form. Using First Principles, we are building a Web Engine that provides useful information quickly, and without a lot of clutter which is found in most pretty websites (i.e. WordPress).

Building a website rich in .pdf and QR codes provides the view with a better and faster experience. Making the entire process into a database and AI, makes it even better. You control the website and the data (not WordPress). It's more durable, and always backed up on your local computer.

WordPress does not do daily backups, as claimed. When your business depends on your website, you need to take control of its foundation.

Claris (division of Apple) makes FileMaker database for both desktop computers (Win/Mac) and mobile applications on iPad and iPhone

Infinity Turbine Liquid Nitrogen Pump for On-Demand Industrial Gas Production

New Development Converting 10L Machines to Produce Liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen

Infinity is now working on converting the 10L extraction systems to produce Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) and Liquid Oxygen (LOX). These valuable gases can be used for rockets, cooling industrial cutting lasers, and cryogenic botanical extraction. The benefits of a on-demand system for the production of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen mean that you're no longer dependent on industrial gas suppliers high prices, transportation, and product shorting.

For More Info…

On Demand Liquid Nitrogen

Infinity Turbine Vacuum Dry Kiln for Lumber in 3 Days

Vacuum Kiln for Fast Drying Fresh Cut Lumber in 3 Days

Infinity Turbine with Global Energy are developing DIY plans and kits for kiln vacuum drying lumber. I invented the Global Container Kiln back in 1990 by converting standard shipping containers into dry kilns for the small sawmills. Infinity Turbine has specialized in developing simple pressure vessels and systems with it's renewable waste heat turbine generators back in 2008, and has extensive experience in pressure vessels. It's a natural fit.

Why a vacuum kiln ? Lumber prices are crazy. Homebuilders cannot find quality lumber (supplies are limited), and have turned to buying a portable sawmill, which produces green lumber. For building, that lumber needs to be dried. This is also true for cabinet makers, and other wood craft business.

Our container kiln was a standard dry kiln and could KD (kiln dry) hardwoods in 30 days. That's too long for most.

A vacuum kiln is the answer. Smaller chambers can dry in 3 days or less.

Vacuum Kiln Drying

QUICK LINK Fast reference section for Infinity Turbine MENU

Turbine and System Plans CAD CAM $10,000: Special for this month, any plans are $10,000 for complete Cad/Cam blueprints. License is for one build. Try before you buy a production license. Products Page... More Info

NFT (Non Fungible Token): Buy our tech, design, development or system NFT and become part of our tech NFT network... More Info

Strategy and Consulting Services: System sizing, ORC payback, renewable energy strategy, PID diagrams. More Info

IT XR Project Redstone NFT Available for Sale: NFT for high tech turbine design with one part 3D printed counter-rotating energy turbine. Be part of the future with this NFT. Can be bought and sold but only one design NFT exists. Royalties go to the developer (Infinity) to keep enhancing design and applications... More Info

Waste Heat Power Technology Using ORC Organic Rankine Cycle: The ORC unit is a system based on a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle for the generation of electric and thermal power, especially suitable for distributed generation. ORC systems can generate electric and thermal power exploiting multiple sources, such as renewables (biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy), traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines. More Info

Infinity Turbine ROT Radial Outflow Turbine 24 Design and Worldwide Rights: NFT for the ROT 24 energy turbine. Be part of the future with this NFT. Can be bought and sold but only one design NFT exists. Royalties go to the developer (Infinity) to keep enhancing design and applications... More Info

CO2 + H2O + DC Electricity + Nafion = Plastics and Fuel GTL Gas to Liquids Developers and Experimenters System Cart... More Info

Oil Producers: Using your stranded gas to make power Need power ? Need a use for your stranded flare gas heat ? We may have the solution from power generation to Bitcoin Mining... More Info

All Turbine and System Products Listing: Listing of all turbine and other Infinity Turbine machine designs. Cryptocurrency now accepted. Infinity Turbine ORC systems, turbine generator sets, build plans and more to use your waste heat from 30C to 100C. More Info

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