Waste Heat to Energy Renewable Energy ORC Turbine

Radial Outflow Turbine ROT biomass organic rankine cycle ORC turbine which we believe is more efficient and less moving parts than a screw expander

Infinity Turbine Focus

Since 2004 we have been intensely focussed on renewable energy and over the last seven years on working with CO2 in a closed loop system.

We believe that heap pumps are the future for heating/cooling as well as propulsion systems, which allow us to leverage environmental thermal sinks.

The trending development is now towards smaller systems which can be used for electric vehicle battery range extending, as well as electric aviation. Part of this is developing a new CO2 closed loop turbine.

We welcome any business and equipment inquiries, as well as licensing our turbines for manufacturing.

Infinity Turbine Radial Outflow Turbine Systems Utilizing Biomass and other waste heat to make ORC power.

Infinity Turbine Products

Infinity Turbine develops and builds systems for making power from waste heat including industrial, biomass, geothermal, crypto, and more. Also is working on innovative strategies for storing, making, and deploying energy. Updated 10 May 2022.

All turbine and system plans are $10,000 USD. This includes a license to build one set (try before you buy a production license). This allows you to economically build one turbine or system and try before you invest in a unlimited build license.

Unlimited build license packages: $50,000 USD.

Worldwide Exclusive Build and Sales License: $500,000 USD (includes selling selected equipment and plans).

Infinity Turbine Complete Product Line

IT50 Infinity Turbine ORC System to Utilize Waste Heat to Generate 50 kW of AC power which is more efficient than a screw expander and less moving parts

Infinity Turbine IT50 System for AC Power from Waste Heat

The IT50 is designed to produce 50 kW of AC power (typically configured for a Grid-Tie connection). We have produced several IT50 systems in the past few years. They take about 6 months to complete, and can be shipped in a standard 20 ft. shipping container.

Currently we can complete this build through our sub-contractor who builds ASME certified pressure tested heat exchangers in Toronto, Canada, and ship anywhere in the world.

Design Heat Exchangers ASME Rated Pressure - Evaporator R-245fa: 450 psi at 300 F shell side, and 150 psi 300 F on tube side. Welding procedures included. Condenser R-245fa: 450 psi at 250 F shell side, and 150 psi 250F on tube side.

Turbine may be used most efficiently at 50 kW, but may also be used for a range of turbines from 30 kW to over 100 kW.

New nano additives can increase heat exchanger efficiency.

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ROT12 Turbine Assembly installed in a IT10 System which can be used for biomass organic rankine cycle

IT10 ROT12 Radial Outflow Turbine DC Generator

The ROT12 Radial Outflow Turbine with DC Generator was designed for the IT10 system.

Plans for ROT 12 and IT10 System: $10,000 USD.

ROT12 Turbine Only: $16,000 USD.

Includes crate and insured surface shipment to North America, and an additional 10 kW PMA generator. Some assembly required.

ROT12 Performance Chart (pdf)

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Can a Heat Pump propulsion system extend battery range by 50 percent or more ?

We have been working on a new type of closed-loop CO2 heat pump system which may extend the range of batteries.

This would apply to electric cars, electric trucks, industrial contruction equipment, and battery powered aircraft (drones, RC, and passenger aircraft).

The concept of the heat pump is to amplify and use heat from both electricity and the environment. An efficient heat pump can have a COP (coefficient of performance) of 2 or more. That means for every 1 kW of electrical input, you get 2 kW of thermal output (cooling or heating). For a typical heat resistor at 100 percent efficiency, you would get a COP of 1.

The concept is to use a high energy dense working fluid like CO2 and leverage the lower boiling temperature (where it goes supercritical around 31.1C or 87.9 F) into a increased pressurized vapor.

There are a wide range of energy possibilities, including using the skin of the vehicle for collecting or dissipating thermal energy. Of particular interest is aviation applications where the upper atmosphere is always a big cold sink (condenser).

In the construction industry, this could easily be applied to vehicles with hydrostatic (hydraulic) drives for stationary (conveyers) or mobile (earth moving equipment) applications.

Currently looking for investors to develop this concept more, so we can approach Tesla and other large battery powered (range anxiety) applications.

@Tesla @elonmusk

Reversible Heat Pump–Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for the Storage of Renewable Electricity (pdf)

Understanding COP: Coefficient Of Performance Of Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps the Next Big Thing in Electric Vehicles

Email: Heat Pump Engine

The ORC Cycle is Reversible in Heat Pump Applications

Heat Pump ORC

Infinity has build more than one hundred phase change systems including CO2, R245fa, and other refrigerants.

The ORC process is reversible, in fact one of the first chiller conversions to ORC was exactly that under the name of PureCycle.

The wide array of phase-change dynamics allow us to use this closed-loop process to produce power, apply process intensification, material extraction (botanical, precious metal, recycling batteries), Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP), HVAC, cooling, and more.

The unique characteristics of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) make it one of our favorites, since it goes supercritical at such a low temperature, which can take advantage of solar thermal, geothermal, and computer CPU low grade heat (cloud and Bitcoin).

Heat Pump ORC

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Reversible Heat Pump–Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for the Storage of Renewable Electricity

Silent Drone Technology

Infinity is now working on a new aero turbine and flying structure to produce a silent drone with no downward airwash or noise.

The development concept is to dramatically reduce or eliminate any noise from below which effectively produces stealth technology from anybody (or listening devices) on the ground.

The turbine propulsion concept is derived from one of our developed turbines.

Email: Silent Drone Tech

Illusion Drone

Illusion Drone Stealthy Technology

The Illusion Drone is a new class of flying vehicle in the cloak-and-dagger and nuisance space.

The best armament is no armament at all.

With excellent visual stealth and low noise signatures, the Illusion Drone is designed to draw unfriendly attention, and redirect that to themselves. The cloak and dagger deployment is designed to confuse unfriendly actors.

It can also drop RFIDs to allow the unfriendly to paint themselves.

The modular design allows a host of enhancements, including night projection of images (including holograms) to deploy illusions, camoflage, directions, and even advertising.

Pop and drop can prink and dispose of highly volatile lithium batteries into unfriendlies.

The Illusion drone can be AI free flying or tethered for extended time aloft.

Currently looking for NFT, licensees, and investors.

This page will be updated shortly.

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IT Micro Redstone Turbine with Counter-rotating Pump printed in 3D metal

IT Micro Redstone 3D Metal Turbine with 2 inch Diameter Counter-rotating Pump

The goal of the Redstone project was to incorporate all moving and rotating functions into one component. This is done by using a layered up rotating assembly, or 3D printed in metal or cast carbon fiber.

Expander (turbine): CO2, ORC, Rankine Cycle, refrigerants, CO2, compressed air, water

Compressor (pump): water, CO2, air, refrigerants

Shaft Free: Turbine assembly is the shaft (magnetic bearings or perimeter bearings).

Cavitation Disc: Can be used for making fluids go supercritical (ex. CO2), or can be plugged with magnets to produce induction heating.

History: The Redstone project was made into 3D printed metal (sintered) steel. What we found was that larger parts tended to lose tolerance as the parts grew in size, so the turbine was designed at 2 inches or less in diameter and turned to true for high speed rotational tolerance. The housing castings needed to be machined to tolerance on the inside and trued for surface mounting.

Final Project: The project was printed by X-One when the larger housing tolerance problems were found. We received boxes of these castings, which were ultimately thrown away. A few surviving parts remain (which are solid metal and extremely heavy). There are a total of three parts, which reduces build time and has a huge time savings from standard metal machining. Ultimately, the best method we found (most cost effective and fast) was cutting basic parts with a waterjet, then layering up for 3D effect, and to achieve the internal chamber structure (complex counter-rotating screws).

Plans and licensing available.

IT Micro Redstone (pdf)

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NFT Publications

Modular Block Configuration for Tesla Pump or Tesla Turbine can be used for compressed air or pressurized orc using multiple refrigerant working fluids including CO2

IT Mini Experimenters Kit With Tesla Turbine and Tesla Pump Discs

Infinity has long been promoting building small prototypes and then numbering up to scale up, thereby eliminating most larger to-scale issues. The modular block experimenters kit allows entrepreneurs a gateway to verify development and then provide a methodology to evolve concepts to commercialized products.

The experimenters kit provides multiple Tesla pump and turbine discs (stamped out of steel) which can be stacked on a common shaft for experiments.

Telsa Experimenters Kit

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CO2 Cavitation Device Used for Pumping and Sonochemistry Experiments

Make Rocket Fuel from CO2

Infinity has already built lots of closed-loop supercritical CO2 systems, and experimented with CO2 cavitation to make a one-moving-part liquid CO2 pump.

Infinity currently sells a cart-mounted portable on-demand supercritical CO2 phase change system for $150,000 which can be used for the experiments listed below, along with many others. It is a cart which was designed to fit through any standard door, hallway, or elevator and has heaving duty casters for mobility.

We are currently looking for funding to develop the following:

1. On-Demand CO2 to Alcohol: Using our closed-loop liquid CO2 phase change system, adding Nafion in the process to make alcohol. Inputs: Liquid CO2, water, and electricity. About 3-4 kW to make a liter of alcohol (from lab experiments).

2. CO2 to Alcohol with In-Situ Power Generation: Using our closed-loop supercritical CO2 phase change system, produce the power via miniature CO2 turbine generator of static electricity generator (SEG) to power the conversion via Nafion.

3. Spin-To-Liquid (STL): A novel one-step approach to producing alcohol from liquid CO2 using a cavitation device with Nafion. This is a one-moving-part device employing sonochemistry with inputs of water and liquid CO2. Electricity is produced in-situ. Shaft rotation is required to spin the device (this can be done via a electric motor, pressure expanding turbine, or other shaft rotation such as a wind turbine).

You can further our efforts by buying our $150,000 systems (which we build - and have four in stock) or by considering an investment to fund our development.

Teaser: Why was Nikola Tesla so fascinated with static electricity and spinning discs ? Our guess is that he had already found the worlds best battery - water. The Tesla turbine (while a fascinating pump) was actually a static electricity generator originally designed to charge water. All of his Colorado Springs experiments revolved around static electricity. Power generation and (wireless) transportation was via static electricity.

The New Chemistry of Fuel Cells (pdf download)

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Email: Investor for Reverse Fuel Cell CO2 to Alcohol Questions

Innovative Reverse Fuel Cell Converts Waste CO2 Into Valuable Chemicals 10x Faster (note: Infinity did this in 2004)

Stranded Gas to Power, Heated Fluid, and Refrigeration using Capstone Turbine and other prime movers including waste heat turbine generators using organic rankine cycle

Oil Producers: Use your stranded gas heat to generate power, hot water, and refrigeration

Producing oil and flaring gas ? Need to use that heat for something for local or Federal regulations ?

We may have the perfect solution.

A. Solid State Power: Using Thermoelectric Devices (or Thermoelectric Generators TEG), we can convert heat into DC power. That is put through a inverter for 3-phase AC power which you can use directly. These energy harvesters take heat and make power, without any moving parts. Up to 12 percent efficiency and up to 800C heat available (higher temperatures = more cost).

B. Hot Water: Using heat exchangers, convert flare gas or hot producer water to a liquid for use of heat, or cooling.

C. Absorption Chillers: Absorption chillers are often exhaust fired using thermal energy recovered from

D. Zeolites: Zeolites give you the option of 24 hour liquid heating for cooking, water sterilization, or small amounts of hot water for heat. They can be recharged using the heat from your flare gas. The primary advantage of using Zeolites is the ability to have long term latent heat storage, which can be used any time of the day. Zeolites need to be stored in airtight and watertight containers. Zeolites can be recharged with the latent heat using any heat source between 130-250

E. Gas Turbine: The most efficient (up to 29 percent) use of your stranded gas is via a Capstone Turbine with power from 65 kW to 1,000 kW modules, that can be stacked together.

F. Bitcoin Mining: The most interesting use of stranded gas to power is for Cryptocurrency mining.

Please email or call us (TEL: 608-238-6001) for more information, consulting, or equipment costs.

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Email: Stranded Gas Solutions for Oil and Gas Producers

Global Microturbine Stranded Gas Solutions

Stranded Gas Solutions and Strategies

Capstone C1000 Available as of December 17, 2021 perfect for stranded gas and crypto mining opportunities

Capstone Turbine C1000 Mfg in 2012 New Surplus

Capstone Turbine Model C1000 (1000 kW or 1 MW)

C1000, HP NG, DM, IND PKG, CE. C1000 modular container.

Dual mode controller. Capstone C1000 HP Natural Gas Dual Mode. Mfg 2012.

Factory test hours only.

Manufactured in 2012. Factory reconditioned (to new condition with warranty) in 2015/2016. Never run once at new owners facility.

Will need new battery packs, inspection for air bearings, etc.

Posted on 17 December 2021.

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Cavitating compressor turbine


The goal of Tribojet is to deploy a propulsion system which works in Earth atmospheric conditions, as well as interstellar space applications. Current development fuels are made from liquid CO2 and water.

Heat required: greater than 304.13K, 31C, or 88F.

Please click on link below for more information.

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2022 Price List Updated 11 January 2022 with QR code links

Price List For Infinity Turbine Core Products and Services

Please click on the link below for the current price list.

Price list includes:

- ORC Turbine Generator Only

- CO2 ORC Complete Phase Change System

- ORC Complete System

- ORC Turbine and System Plans

- Feedpump

- Manufacturing and Licensing Package

- Feedpump Information

- Infinity Turbine Software

- Infinity Turbine Consulting with QR Code quick-order link

- Infinity Turbine GTL CO2-gas-to-liquids Experimenter Platform to convert CO2 to fuels or ethylene including QR Code quick link to website

- Consulting and Strategy Services

Updated on 5/8/2022.

Price List for Infinity Turbine Products

Need Strategy? Use our Consulting and analyst services

Infinity Turbine LLC is pleased to announce its consulting and analyst services. We have worked in the renewable energy industry as a researcher, developing sales and markets, along with may inventions and innovations.

Sold as-is and provided on a best efforts basis. All time is documented and a summary log will be provided when requested. Unused credit may be used for a period of six months after invoice date. Consulting is provided via telephone, email, or other media as agreed to in writing (email). Minimum billing is 30 minutes, so it is recommended to have questions, support, and consulting for at least that period of time. References available.

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Biomass Energy Waterwide Solid Fuel Gasifier Using Wood Wastes to Make Heat which can be used for direct fired drying and providing a high grade heat source for ORC biomass organic rankine cycle

Waste Heat to Energy:

List of selected waste heat to energy publications.

Waste Heat to Energy is a renewable energy field which deploys technology to utilize industrial, commercial, and home based heat which would otherwise be unused, to make power. Since much of the quality of this heat is low, efficiency to capture and convert to power is also low. This makes the most sense (payback) where utility (grid-based) power rates are at or above $.15 per kwh.

Waste Heat to Energy Publications

Waste Heat Turbine Generator • Combined Cycles • Oil and Gas • Low Temperature CHP • Large Heat Pump • Gas Expander • Geothermal ORC • Biomass Organic Rankine Cycle • Waste to Energy • Concentrated Solar Power

News for Infinity Turbine

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Infinity Turbine 1 MW ROT Turbine with Two Stages which is more efficient and less moving parts than a orc screw expander generator and easy manufacturing and licensing

Infinity Turbine 1 MW Dual Turbine Module

Infinity Turbine now has available blueprints for a 1 megawatt ORC radial outflow turbine. The modular larger turbine can be numbered up in shipping containers and shipped anywhere in the world to utilize waste heat anywhere. These systems are unique in that they can use off-the-shelf induction generators (motors run faster than rated speed to become a generator when hooked up into a grid).

Infinity Turbine Complete Product Line

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto mining solutions for reducing heat loads and making cooling from IC chip and graphics boards waste heat

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto Mining Solutions to Convert Waste Heat into Cooling

Profitable bitcoin mining focusses on lower energy costs while increasing efficiencies to reduce costs to gain access to profit. With the ban on crypto mining and trading in China, there is a huge blockchain vacuum.

A typical bitcoin miner will gross about $8 per day (subtract electrical costs from that) and produces around 10,000 btu of heat from the processors. As you can see, trying to make money using this process will involve deploying multiple miners (many buy buildings or modular storage solutions and fill them with miners).

Infinity Turbine is now introducing the Crypto Mine Shaft, which uses shipping containers to house miner GPUs. Not only can we provide plans to convert shipping containers into miner farms which are scalable, but we can provide cost saving solutions for using the waste heat to provide cooling using our innovative strategies. This gives you a competitive edge over others, since you reduce your power costs.

Bitcoin Mining Solutions Converting Waste Heat into Cooling and other Cost Saving Strategies...

Email: Bitcoin or Crypto Mining Questions

Crypto Consulting Options

Infinity miner CO2 closed loop cooling system for GPU, ASIC, and power supply components. Smaller footprint with zero sound.

Crypto Mining. Using CO2 to cool silently with no moving parts.

Infinity Turbine LLC has been working with CO2 since 2004, and more recently using phase change supercritical CO2 extraction with our other company, Infinity Supercritical LLC since 2015. Closed-loop CO2 cooling provides amazing spot cooling which is much more efficient than air, water/glycol, or immersion cooling since it provides great cooling capacity.

The advantages of a CO2 cooling system include reduced footprint, less moving parts, better cooling, less cost, improved ROI, runs silent, and uses less energy. This means that your running costs are reduced which means more profits. It makes you more competitive than everyone else.

CO2 phase-change cooling systems are compact and silent.

Infinity Supercritical Phase Change Systems (external link)

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Carbon dioxide: sometimes it is a cooling gas, sometimes a warming gas

Why CO2 is the Most Promising Refrigerant in the Cooling Industry

Study on the thermal dissipation performance of GPU cooling system with nanofluid as coolant

Producing fresh water from saltwater, or cleaning up producer water from drilling and wastewater operations remain a key sector in the mining, and manufacturing industry


Infinity Turbine is currently working on the development of incorporating Teflon with SDR (Spinning Disc Reactor) technology to implement a commercial scale shock electrodialysis process (a recently developed electrokinetic process, which can be used to continuously desalinate artificial seawater).

Concept: Infinity is working within its developed technologies to utilize the amazing qualities of Teflon, static electricity, and cavitation (sonochemistry) to further promote simple low cost solutions for removing salt from water.

Shock-Electrodialysis Publications

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NFT (or non fungible token) is now part of the Infinity Turbine Eco System as they are offering designs as a unique licensing vehicle versus the legacy patent process

Crypto NFT Designs For Sale

Infinity is now offering its turbine and system designs as a NFT as a first in the industry to enter its develop turbine development programs as part of the Ethereum blockchain arena.

The program offered by Infinity will initially be their own products, but will rapidly expanding into a clearinghouse of any tech NFT product (development, design, equipment, CO2 credits, and more).

Infinity Turbine IT XR Project Redstone NFT For Sale on OpenSea

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Infinity Turbine IT XR Project Redstone Design

Infinity Turbine ROT Radial Outflow Turbine 24 Design and Worldwide Rights

Infinity Supercritical CO2 10 Liter Extractor Design and Worldwide Rights

Crypto NFT Technology Start-up Initiative

Infinity is currently seeking investors to start-up a technology NFT workspace (website) which allows holders of designs and technology to register, deploy, and monetize their work.

This could be complimentary to the patent system, but would provide an alternative for a fast-to-market alternative for developers allowing them to gain access to leases, royalties, reselling, renting, and other income options.

We would like to deploy the following quickly:

- start-up company as the technology handler for NFTs

- website

- Staking and blockchain algorithms including mining via Filemaker (database)

- Trading post for real equipment based on NFTs

From Ethereum: NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. They let us tokenise things like art, collectibles, even real estate. They can only have one official owner at a time and they're secured by the Ethereum blockchain – no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence. NFT stands for non-fungible token. Non-fungible is an economic term that you could use to describe things like your furniture, a song file, or your computer. These things are not interchangeable for other items because they have unique properties. NFTs give the ability to assign or claim ownership of any unique piece of digital data, trackable by using Ethereum's blockchain as a public ledger. An NFT is minted from digital objects as a representation of digital or non-digital assets.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) Explained (website link)

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Email: NFT Start-up

Contact TEL: +1 608-238-6001

NFT Publications

Carrier 19xr into PureCycle 280

PureCycle 280 Evolution

The Generation 1 ORC utilized near-off-the-shelf components without modification. The expander was a Carrier 19XR225 centrifugal compressor running with reverse flow and the condenser was a pair of Carrier 09DK094 air cooled condensers.

PureCycle 280 Information

Infinity Turbine GTL Gas to Liquids Module for converting CO2 to fuels and plastics

Infinity Turbine GTL Module Experimenters Platform to Make Rocket Fuel from CO2

Infinity is now offering an experimenters platform for those who wish to develop liquid or gas CO2 to plastics and alcohol fuels. Inputs: CO2, H20, DC electricity, and Nafion or other membrane catalysts.

Our journey into CO2 to fuels started in 2004 along with John Stevens (investor) when we started Ocean Ethanol LLC. Back then we looked at using a Fischer Tropsch catalyst to convert CO2 and H2 into fuel grade ethanol and methanol. Hydrogen was problematic (too expensive to produce) so we looked at reversing a methanol fuel cell (electrolyzer). The project was shelved in 2005. But with renewed interest in the XPrize, we are now looking at adapting our developed Supercritical CO2 Systems to work with a reverse fuel cell (RFC) using Nafion.

Infinity Turbine GTL Module (pdf datasheet)

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Infinity Turbine Makers and Inventors Resources

Inventors Resource Page

This section has tools for inventors and innovators that Infinity has developed. We have been using Filemaker since 1992 as a way to organize data. We will make available drawing downloads (CAD/CAM) and Filemaker Solution downloads. Our concept platforms are based on using organization provided by Filemaker.

Makers and Inventors Resource Page


Publications for selected topics including: Producing power from waste heat, Nikola Tesla Patents (complete set, Graphene super capacitor, ROT, Radial Outflow Turbine, Electronic Turbine, static plasma wings, electronic turbine propulsion, acoustics, electric propulsion ion and hall thrusters, jet propulsion by microwave air plasma, plasma actuators hingeless aerodynamic control uav and drones

Publications for Waste Heat to Energy | Graphene | ROT | Nikola Tesla Patents | Electronic Turbine Propulsion

QUICK LINK Fast reference section for Infinity Turbine MENU

Turbine and System Plans CAD CAM $10,000: Special for this month, any plans are $10,000 for complete Cad/Cam blueprints. License is for one build. Try before you buy a production license. Products Page... More Info

Crypto Mining (Bitcoin, Ethereum, others) Cooling Technology, Strategies, and Plans for modular Container and Van Mounted Miner Facilities: Introducing the Infinity Crypto Mine Shaft. Use shipping containers to house GPU miners to farm crypto. Do you have or want crypto miners ? Have cooling issues ? Need plans for a modular crypto miner farm ? We have some interesting cost saving solutions including plans and consulting... More Info

Strategy and Energy Consulting Services: System sizing, ORC payback, renewable energy strategy, PID diagrams. Crypto mining (ASIC and GPU) and energy savings... More Info

IT XR Project Redstone Crypto NFT Available for Sale: NFT for high tech turbine design with one part 3D printed counter-rotating energy turbine. Be part of the future with this NFT. Can be bought and sold but only one design NFT exists. Royalties go to the developer (Infinity) to keep enhancing design and applications... More Info

Waste Heat Power Technology Using ORC Organic Rankine Cycle: The ORC unit is a system based on a closed-loop thermodynamic cycle for the generation of electric and thermal power, especially suitable for distributed generation. ORC systems can generate electric and thermal power exploiting multiple sources, such as renewables (biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy, GPU waste heat), traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines. More Info

Infinity Turbine ROT Radial Outflow Turbine 24 Design and Worldwide Rights: NFT for the ROT 24 energy turbine. Be part of the future with this NFT. Can be bought and sold but only one design NFT exists. Royalties go to the developer (Infinity) to keep enhancing design and applications... More Info

Crypto NFT (Non Fungible Token): Buy our tech, design, development or system NFT and become part of our tech NFT network... More Info

Oil and Gas Producers: Using your stranded gas to make power Need power ? Need a use for your stranded flare gas heat ? We may have the solution from power generation to Bitcoin Mining... More Info

All Turbine and System Products Listing: Listing of all turbine and other Infinity Turbine machine designs. Cryptocurrency now accepted. Infinity Turbine ORC systems, turbine generator sets, build plans and more to use your waste heat from 30C to 100C. More Info

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