Need Strategy? Use our Consulting and analyst services

Need help with a business strategy in the energy market ? Infinity is now offering consulting and analyst services. Topics include Energy, Capstone Turbine, Microturbines, Waste Heat to Energy, ORC, Organic Rankine Cycle, CO2 Energy, Aviation, Landfill Methane, Gas to Liquid Technologies, Lumber Dry Kiln, Drying Technologies, Database, and Methodology.

Silver Nanoparticle Production

Spinning Disc Reactor for Silver Nanoparticle Production may be able to make $24 million per year. Spinning Disc Reactors, or SDRs, are a very new type of processing unit that has had new applications discovered every year. A big field of interest as of lately has been process intensification, which include the manufacture of silver nanoparticles.

Electronic Jet Turbine Project

Infinity Turbine has been working on a new jet turbine technology, which includes plasma, vortex airflow, tribo effect, and induction heating to achieve a truly unique turbine thrust for aviation.

IT10 Axial Flow Turbine

IT10 Axial Flow Turbine – Experimental 30-95 C Input Heated Liquid, 20-30 gph hot water input and 30-90 gph cool liquid input.

Solar PV Panel Selector

Solar Panel Selector was designed to help buyers compare solar panels for cost per watt and other criteria.
The app is based on Filemaker Software (available from Filemaker on a free trial or paid basis), or on IOS with Filemaker Go available at the Apple Store.