Electronic Jet Turbine Project

Infinity Turbine has been working on a new jet turbine technology, which includes plasma, vortex airflow, tribo effect, and induction heating to achieve a truly unique turbine thrust for aviation.

IT10 Axial Flow Turbine

IT10 Axial Flow Turbine – Experimental 30-95 C Input Heated Liquid, 20-30 gph hot water input and 30-90 gph cool liquid input.

Solar PV Panel Selector

Solar Panel Selector was designed to help buyers compare solar panels for cost per watt and other criteria.
The app is based on Filemaker Software (available from Filemaker on a free trial or paid basis), or on IOS with Filemaker Go available at the Apple Store.

Caster Beams

The industrial caster beam system allows modular cart builds for shop carts, mobile power component carts, shop assembly carts and modular prototyping to commercial production frames, without welding. 100 percent recyclable powder coated steel.

Infinity Turbine Background Since 2008

Infinity Turbine was started in 2008. Infinity has experimented with just about every type of pressure expander, focussing on those below 500 kW in output size, and more on the smaller end of the spectrum (less cost to experiment and develop).
What We’ve Learned: If your expander has more than one moving part, it will break. This is a lesson learned, and capitalized on by Capstone Turbine. Beyond that, even having one moving part, will break. That is why we have ultimately focussed on tribo-effect, and a solid-state turbine using phase change Rankine technology. Another technology (with low efficiency) is the TEC Thermo Electric Coolers or Thermoelectric Device, or Peltier effect, which can produce electricity from heat.